Electromagnetic Effects on Mitochondria

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria

How electromagnetic fields affect mitochondria?

Anytime you have the movement of charged particles you create an electromagnetic field. People don’t realize that electromagnetism is the foundation of life, it’s what controls biochemistry. Imagine going into a room where you hear every kind of music being played really loudly, you wouldn’t be able to hear yourself or communicate with other people. This is what our cells are experiencing when they’re in high EMF environments. They can’t function properly and they become very stressed. Energy is transduced into vibrations. Light waves and sound waves are converted into vibrations in the cell and these vibrations alter molecular structure and function. Every cell, every organelle, every molecule, they resonate at certain frequencies. Mitochondria generate a field that’s stronger than lightning. This is about 30 million volts per meter. The mitochondrial membrane potential is the result of the charge difference between the inner and the outer membrane. This is about negative 140 millivolts. Literally this is pretty shocking right. – How much electric field in such a small space.

Where do mitochondria get their energy from?

The natural EMF found on earth created life and these energies are imprinted onto every living organism on this planet. Every organism is chewing to the native Schumann frequency of the earth and the Sun. The native frequency of the earth and human is 7,83 Hz. This is what’s responsible for generating the mitochondria a strong electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Oxidative phosphorylation & Electron Transport Chain
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Oxidative phosphorylation & Electron Transport Chain, cellular water

You have the flow of electrons going through the electron transport chain and you have the pumping of protons out of the matrix. Cellular water is also involved in creating coherence between neighboring mitochondria and other organelles as well.

Artificial EMF cause structural damage to mitochondria. They cause swelling cavitation and eventually the mitochondria begin to degenerate. This happens an as little as a few hours.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Free radicals
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Free radicals

Man made EMF caused oxidation of the mitochondrial membrane and generate free radicals. Polyunsaturated fats which are found in the membrane are very prone to oxidation. Mitochondria also generate free radicals, however it’s only when it becomes too excessive, that it causes damage. Artificial EMF cause both educated calcium channels to open. Remember how we talked about vibrations before, well EMF can induce vibrations, that can cause these channels to open. EMF can also cause the formation of cores and membranes, so this can allow toxins in and it also affects the stability of the membrane. Calcium is an important signaling molecule, that’s involved in numerous cellular processes, everything from gene regulation to cell death.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Increases in intracellular Ca+
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Increases in intracellular Ca+

Mitochondria regulate calcium in the cell. Anything that increases intracellular calcium damages mitochondria. Free radicals are always looking to fill in the missing hole that from losing an electron, so it’s going to cause a chain reaction – they’re going to steal from another molecule that molecule is going to feel from another molecule and it just keeps on going, but it’s only when this becomes excessive does it cause oxidative stress.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - chain reaction
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – chain reaction

It’s important to also point out here that our OS is a reactive oxygen species. There are many different forms of free radicals that can come in and create the damage, like perryoxynitride nitrite.

Cytochrome c oxidase is the terminal enzyme in the respiratory chain and that transfers electrons to oxygen to make water and ATP and this enzyme is impaired by EMF.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Free radicals
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Free radicals

These are just some free radicals these are reactive oxygen species.

Mitochondrial DNA – mtDNA

Mitochondrial DNA is the most important genome. It’s not the nuclear genome and mitochondrial DNA can actually influence nuclear DNA. The circular form of the mitochondrial DNA and a lot of people when they think of DNA they think of chromosomes and the bundling and double helix.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Nuclear DNA vs. Mitochondrial DNA
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Nuclear DNA vs. Mitochondrial DNA

Here we’ve got the circular portion and it’s just that’s really important to keep in mind that we’ve got these two sets inside our bodies.

Mitochondria are easily damaged by oxidative stress caused by man-made EMF. Mitochondrial DNA mutations can also further exacerbate oxidative stress. We’ve talked about a few things now and you can see how they’re all interrelated. More mitochondrial DNA mutations lead to more defective mitochondria and more defective mitochondria means more defective cells.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Increased mitochondrial mutations
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Increased mitochondrial mutations

More mutants you get into a particular cell within the mitochondria within the cell the greater the chance of disease. In reality there’s in most cells like hundreds or even thousands of mitochondria in a cell. So over time when these become damaged you potentially have this disease expression taking place. Oxidative stress when it’s too great can lead to cell death. When the mitochondrial membrane potential which generates a strong electromagnetic field is decreased for any reason it’s signals pathways that lead to programmed cell death.

In summary man made EMS caused multiple problems in the cell. They’re all interrelated that and they all cumulate in a cell death. We really need to be mindful of our exposures to EMF.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Summary
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Summary

Most of us are spending way too much time indoors, we’re exposed to cellphones, Wi-Fi, smart meters artificial light. We’re not really meant to be indoors, we’re meant to be outside like every other animal.

Also the personal behaviors with your tech like the inverse-square law. If you just even get like several feet away from certain technology, the intensity of the EMFs will go way way down. So like seeing a person with a cell phone up to their head or in their hand are getting like direct exposure. To those a non-native EMS or artificial man-made EMS. Keep that in your mind, your personal EMF hygiene really plays a role in today’s modern world. Distance is your friend.

The EMF spectrum just keeps growing and growing and growing, because technology just keeps growing and growing. Different frequency bands are being bought. There’s a lot of competition among them, we’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars of competition.

How do we repair our mitochondria?

You need to ground on earth regularly. You have to be barefoot on the earth or in the ocean. Daily sun exposure. Morning noon and night you get different kinds of light at different times of the day. In the morning you get mostly infrared light and the midday you get a lot of UV and in the evening you get more infrared light again.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - Repair your mitochondria
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – Repair your mitochondria

It’s quite important to also ground away from the power grid outside of your home. Like a lot of people are trying grounding techniques and plugging in actually to the power grid and getting dirty electricity or stray voltage or other EMF that are still intersecting them, when they’re trying to ground indoors, if you if you don’t know your situation, it’s just more safe to go out into nature.

You want to avoid artificial light between sunset and sunrise, use candles at night or battery-operated red lights. If we have to be in front of certain artificial lights we like to use blue blockers that block out approximately 400 to 550 nanometer light. Use a glass to block 550 nanometers and lower – to block all the blue and some green actually. You really need to block a blue light at night.

You also need to get adequate sleep and rest at night. You need to sleep in a room that’s completely dark. You shouldn’t be able to see the hand in front of your face. Your eyes are so sensitive, that they can detect as little as one to two photons. The really good point here is, when you sleep with your Wi-Fi router in your room or your your mobile phone next to you, that is light coming in to you so do you want that light as well as disturbing your sleep.

The entire electromagnetic spectrum can be thought of in terms of physics and the only difference between the low frequencies and the really high frequencies is the wavelength.

We need to eat nutrient-dense food and eat only during the day time. Do intermittent fasting several times a week. Stop beating like mid-afternoon,a little more bio mitochondrial biogenesis. It shows in some of the research that fasting can have an influence there.

All relate to your circadian rhythm. You really need to normalize your circadian rhythm and this is going to help you repair your mitochondria. When you’re thinking of the repair and destruction that mitochondria in a lot of cases these are long-term events. You can’t think of this in terms of just a few weeks or a few months. Minimize the damage and increase the benefits. The mitochondria is really decades in the making, that’s why a lot of disease expressions don’t show up for like 10 or 20 years later.

Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria - mtDNA
Electromagnetic effects on mitochondria – mtDNA

These things have to be part of your daily practice. You also need to drink plenty of spring water. Water is a really good EMS mitigator. When the water is inside of you, within your cells are more hydrated, you’re going to be able to protect yourself against EMS a little better. Water takes on information. The electromagnetic fields present on earth, they’re imprinted onto water. Water is very important.

You need to exercise or play outside. You shouldn’t be inside most of the time. The light mechanics go really deep here and beautifully, because when you’re playing outside, you’re just in the sunlight. This actually helps to build that exclusion zone water in your cells, as well to give you that protection. You need the red light and the infrared light.

We’re surrounded by a artificial EMF everywhere we go nowadays. It’s really important to more concentrate on what you can control in your local life with this, because the environments you put yourself into. There are many things that can be done just understanding what exists there and implementing more EMF hygiene will go a long way. You can go down a rabbit hole trying to think of all the other stuff that is happening around us. Don’t go down the path of fear and go into conquering this. There’s all these beneficial things that are right here on this slide that can be done to really help mitigate and against our modern life. You just need to go outside, that’s basically the answer to mitigating EMS. Having Sun even touching your skin or getting into your body. A lot of people get outside, they drive to work with their windows up and the windows blocks a lot of the UV and other wavelengths and they really aren’t getting the power of the Sun. You really need to be outdoors, out in nature. Preferably at the beach. People don’t realize that the Earth’s field is strongest there actually, because the waves and the ocean, they help to create the Earth’s electromagnetic field. At the beach obviously you’re going to have very little potential of artificial EMF impact. There’s a lot of things that can be done depending on where you live.

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