FOR ARMY, FIREMEN, POLICE – Stop using Tetra Airwave System Immediately

Police - Tetra System kills - Radiation

European countries were forced by the US to accept the Tetra system for their police and army some years ago. Barrie Trower talked about this. He wrote a report about it for the police unions. Tetra seems to enrage and madden and make violent, just as EMFs do, but more so.

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Tetra system is far too dangerous for two reasons. Firstly you have to carry the system on your chest and the signal is transmitted through your brain and neck and some of the police man has to do 14 hours shifts. Secondly the pulse frequency of TETRA, which is around 16 pulses in second it’s to close to brain natural frequency which is 17 pulses in second. The bit frequency of the brain is responsible for making decision in emergency situations and if you mess up that, you can’t make a decision. Police has to do exactly the decisions in emergency situations.

FOR POLICE – Stop using Tetra Airwave System Immediately

01/21 The Dangers of Microwave Technology – Microwave expert Barrie Trower

A scientific experiment Barrie Trower is carried out on the police and emergency services to see how much cancer and how much brain damage is caused by the Tetra Airwave System The police federation published a document, which Barrie Trower referenced in his latest report, and it acutally says: We know that this system is now dangerous, but as it is up and running we can not do anything about that. By: The World Foundation for Natural Science –


Imagine the field around a magnet and imagine ordinary everyday static electricity. If you put the force field from the magnet with the force field from the static electricity you make a wave. This wave is called an electromagnetic wave. There are lots of different types of electromagnetic waves but they are all made of the same two things – magnetic and static. The only difference between the waves is their wavelength or the length of the wave and the number of waves that can be produced a second, i.e. the frequency. All of these waves are put into a table called the electromagnetic spectrum.

At one end of this electromagnetic spectrum you have the very short waves, namely gamma rays and x-rays and at the other end of the spectrum you have the very longways, namely radio, TV and waves from overhead power cables. All of these wave shave the same properties; that is to say they all behave the same.

In this country, when somebody asks about whether a certain level ofelectromagnetic radiation is safe they are usually quoted a safety limit. A safety limit is really a personal opinion. This personal opinion may be based on many factors by an individual or individuals from whatever data they have in their possession.

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