World Against 5G

Chemical Spraying in our Skies and 5G are all Connected
Boris Johnson, British P.M. at United Nations General Assembly

AUSTRALIA – TPG chief operating executive Craig Levy has told the Federal Court that the telco pulled its plans to roll out a 5G network in Australia due to community fears regarding the health impact of the technology. Stop5GAustralia

POLICE – StopTetra Airwave System – Barrie Trower / Policie Tetra Systém

‘WiFi Kills’, Barrie Trower on UK Column, 19th Sept 2013
Deep History about 5G ”Who, What, Why”
Insurance Industry and Wireless Industry | Dirty little secrets
BIG Lies about 5G
New connection “Smash-your-mobile-phone”
Cell phones, Smoking, DDT, Asbestos, etc
The industry never said these products were safe, governments and intergovernmental agencies said it.
PRESS RELEASE: The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Will Issue Report Calling for Caution Based on 50 Years of EMF Research
RUSSIE : dangers du téléphone portable et du Wi-fi – le Pr Yuri Grigoriev alerte les femmes enceintes et les enfants – 2012
5G Apocalypse – Gateshead Edition – 5G technology has its origins in military hardware and the same frequencies associated today on civil Streets have been used with pulse radar for crowd dispersal and to disable pirates in Somalia. Today many well reputed physicians and academic researches have declared this technology to be totally unsafe for all life-forms.
‘Radio 5G’ May29 2019 Mark Steele 5G ‘ Internet of Things’
This is a slide show detailing what the Internet of Things is really all about. Why LED lights are so important in understanding the grand scheme. Why are trees being cut down in the tens of thousands? Why concrete will not protect you. What does a 5G antenna really look like? Details of the health effects. Why are electric cars insanity and automated vehicles death traps? And how did one of Mark Steele’s inventions end up on American telephone poles and why?
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