Graphene Computers Work 1000 Times Faster, Consume 100 Times Less Power and are Smaller with more Applications

Graphene computers

Discovered in 2004, graphene started revolutionary waves of research in electronics. Graphene has several properties that are breaking current standard computers, cell phones, microprocessor technology and resulting applications, entrenched dogma, artificial intelligence, and much more …

Graphene-based processors 1000 times faster, 100 times less Energy

Thanks to graphene, scientists have been able to achieve speeds that were thousands of times faster than silicon chips. Graphene-based processors have been shown to consume 100 times less power than their silicon counterparts. In addition, they also allow for a smaller footprint and greater functionality in devices that have them.

Implications of Graphene Computers

  • Devaluation of most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Breaking the current Banking Security which is based on a Mathematical Problem
  • Controlling people from the Genetic level in Real Time
  • Nano Applications – Internet of Nano Things (IoNT)
  • Autonomous Artificial Intelligence
  • Changing Transportation and Communication
  • Space Travel
  • Cloning and DNA Digitization
  • Mass Extension of Torsional (Free) Energy
  • It’s important that as many people as possible understand this, so that it doesn’t become a digital concentration camp …

100 GHz and more in your Computers and Mobile

In 2019, the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) publicly launched a new era of computers that will quickly replace the computers, cell phones you have at home. More in National Nanotechnology Initiative – Boosting 5G technology.

The University of Southern California has collaborated with Carbonics, Inc. to develop carbon nanotube technology that has achieved speeds in excess of 100 gigahertz in radio frequency applications. This 2019 milestone eclipses the performance of the traditionally outdated, current RF-CMOS (Radio Frequency Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) technology that is ubiquitous in modern consumer electronics, including cell phones and computers.

Graphene Terahertz Devices for Communications Applications

The first generation of graphene-based terahertz components are in the frequency range between 300 GHz and 10 THz. The application is gaining wider public awareness. Modulation, detection and generation of terahertz waves are performed with graphene.

The extraordinary electronic, thermal and optical properties of graphene, together with its two-dimensional nature and its ease of integration, have enabled its use in a new generation of high-performance devices capable of extending the performance of existing terahertz communication technologies.

Devaluing Most Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

Bitcoin is based on “Proof of work”, which is a solved mathematical problem, and on the price of how much energy it consumes. So in other words, if you have computers that work 1000 – 10000 faster, use 100 less energy, are smaller, then the question is – How do you think that translates into the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? When you multiply everything together you get to a devaluation of cryptocurrencies in the order of millions of times. So what was worth a million may now be worth one dolar …

Graphene and Quantum Computers and Security Breaches

The accuracy of Quantum computers is determined on breaking encrypted communication, a mathematical problem. Graphene Computers in conjunction with Quantum Computers will break any mathematical problem even faster, i.e. simultaneous encryption of cryptocurrencies, banking applications, simultaneous secure communications, applications … There will be a rewriting of the internet as it is now … Much, much more will happen …

Graphene Transmits Heat Faster

Graphene is able to conduct heat faster than any other conductor used in electronics, including copper. It can also transfer electricity two hundred times faster than silicon.

Graphene versus Silicon

The highest clock frequency of silicon-based chips is 3-4 GHz. This figure hasn’t changed since 2005, when the race for speed challenged silicon’s physical properties and pushed it to its limits. Since then, researchers have been searching for a solution that would allow us to surpass the maximum clock speed that silicon chips can provide. And that’s when graphene was discovered.

Graphene and Data Transfer in Connection with 5G

Graphene communicates in the GHz band and in the THz band. 5G drives Graphene-based Nanotechnology at Pfizer Vaccine. 5G, 6G, 7G has the bandwidth to transmit large volumes of data that are processed in yottabytes in Utah data center (NSA to store yottabytes in Utah data center – 2009).

Terahertz Cellular Communication

Our cells communicate using light (Experiments with Bio-Photons – Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp – Bio-Photons serve for Communication). Thus in the Terahertz band. The frequency of red light is from 405 – 480 THz and the frequency of violet light is from 700 – 790 THz. Graphene also operates in the terahertz band. People should understand this before it’s too late … For more information, see also The Radio Secret Of DNA, or Nano-Implant Grows on Neurons and Connects the Brain to the Internet. There are also possibilities like WAVE BIOCOMPUTER FUNCTIONS OF DNA.

Transhumanism And Graphene Computers

The pinnacle of transhumanism is that you no longer have a physical, biological body and your memories, intellect is transferred to the digital world. If someone erases half of your memories and reboots you, you won’t even notice, just like you might erase data on your computer. Is that the kind of life you want? (5G, 4G Needs No Chip, Biocoded DNA Resonant Frequency to Control the Individual in the Matrix)

COVID, 4 Industrial Revolution and Graphene Computers

COVID was the initiation into the 4th Industrial Revolution. The next step was Vaccines with Graphene. What is the next step? 5G is the New World Order (NWO). The NWO’s plan is COVID, war, famine and a digital concentration camp … What will you do to prevent this from happening? (Klaus Schwab – 2015 – 4 Industrial Revolution)


In 2019, the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) publicly launched a new era of computing – Graphene Computers Work 1000 Times Faster, Consume 100 Times Less Power and Are Smaller – Graphene Computers – Implications of Graphene Computers – Graphene Terahertz Devices for Communications Applications – Devaluation of Most Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin – Graphene and Quantum Computers and Security Breaches – Graphene Transmits Heat Faster – Graphene versus Silicon – Graphene and Data Transmission in Connection with 5G – Terahertz Cellular Communication – Transhumanism And Graphene Computers – COVID, 4 Industrial Revolution and Graphene Computers

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