Smart Dust – Neural Dust – Digital Dust – Nanobots – Nanoprobes – Nanorobots – nanoids – Nanomites – Smart Grid

Mind Reading technologies - Microwave signal and Biblical tongues - Comparable to cellurar satellites - misused A.I.


Nanobots (also nanorobots, nanoids, nanomachines or nanomites) are micro-machines that can assemble and maintain sophisticated systems and can build devices, machines, or circuits through a process called molecular manufacturing. They can also produce copies of themselves through self-replication. What’s happening now? Right now there is ongoing bio engineering of the whole humanity without your permissions or any public discussion driven by our officials. Misused technology is driven by egocentric consciousness.

Directed Weapons – Mind Control

Research has shown that the same frequencies are used by the Department of Defense in crowd control weapons, create the foundation of 5G. Once 5G is implemented, the internet of things or internet of us will go live. Directed-Energy Weapons – Lasers and Microwaves or Project BlueBeam – Directed Energy Weapons, Holograms in the Sky, 5G Satellites, LRAD – Medusa

The SMART Grid, but the people are not smarter, why?

5G microwave radiation kills all biological life quickly, this is not smart at any means. But we have smart televisions, smartphone, smart watches, smart meters, smart dust, smart pills, smart streets, smart cities, smart communities, smart environments, smart communities, smart environments, smart cars, smart driving, smart cards, smart patches, smart skin, smart borders, smart pavements, smart growth, smart planet … and the people don’t look smarter, why?

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

A ‘Smart object’ is defined as something that ‘interacts with not only people but also with other Smart Objects’

Smart Dust – Neural Dust – Digital Dust – Nanobots

The tiny electronic particles for wireless communication with each other and anything they connect with. Wireless communication is done over 5G, 6G …

Strategic Intelligence – Cryptocurrency System using Body Activity Data – ID2020 – Digital ID with Vaccines – Monarch RFID – NanoCore – Slavery

Nanobots can infuse all the matter around us with information. Rocks, trees, everything can become intelligent creatures. But you have to understand, that everything around us was already created by mind, mind creates also our 3D physical reality. With robots in your brain you become the slave in the hive with no free will. In this way you have hybrid cloud-powered brain. Your thinking become a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking… You can extend some of your limitations and think in the cloud limitation, but you loose more… As a soul you don’t need cloud thinking, you are already limitless, you probably just don’t know that are your Soul’s abilities. There is a real danger, that some arbiters put gateways to the cloud in your brain, to tell you what to do, what to think … With RFID, Kirin HiAI chips, misused A.I. you are going to gradually merge into biorobot with no… Do you have still your own will, or you are just a slave? Who is the gatekeeper of the cloud? By no means, this is not the nature of being human. If there is no discussion driven by officials, chips with misused A.I. is illusion of ascension.

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