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Nicola Tesla - PEMF

Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange.


According to various scientific data, the therapeutic effect of magnetic fields involves their ability to control the flow of charged particles and to act on magnetized objects regardless of their motion state. This results in a positive effect on natural biological processes as the intracellular and intercellular metabolism intensifies. Magnetic field therapy thus activates the body`s self-restorative function in the healing process by direct stimulation – without surgical intervention, drugs, or side effects. Among various types of magnetic fields, the strongest medical effect is demonstrated by the traveling pulsed electromagnetic field (that of the ALMAG device), as compared to static or alternating magnetic fields. This effect is achieved because ALMAG’s PEMF frequency is within the biological frequencies range of the human organism (4 -16 Hz).

The Science behind Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy, How it works?

Therapy with PEMF

  • Reduces or eliminates pain in minutes
  • Accelerates creation of new tissue including cartilage and bone
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen supply
  • Recovers flow in capillaries which were blocked
  • Reestablishes normal cell and organ function
  • Decreases inflammation and edema
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Balances the mind
  • Improves range of motion
  • And more, as you will see
Dr. Oz on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Unique advantages of therapy with PEMF

  • Physiologically stimulates the body toward its own healing
  • Patient feels better after the very first treatment
  • Shows practically no contraindications of any kind
  • Complements most conventional therapeutic methods
  • It is an entirely painless and non-invasive treatment
  • Quick and easy application for the patient and therapist
  • No need for direct contact with the patient’s body
  • High penetrating power sends energy deeply into the tissue
  • Effects persist beyond treatment after reaching normal cell energy levels
  • Appropriate to use for human and animal patients
  • Relatively short treatment time and frequency achieve lasting results

What happens during and after PEMF therapy?

During the session, one may feel o mild tingling sensation in the treatment area. Using PEMF induces sleep, especially during the treatment, and improves the quality of sleep.

Industry Approvals

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has approved the use of PEMF therapy for some specific conditions, including:

  • Bone growth stimulation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Brain tumor
  • Mechanical muscular massage

In addition, there are more than 2000 studies and clinical trials that show the effectiveness of PEMF treatment for a wide range of conditions available at: www.PubMed.gov

PEMF Therapy – Destroys Cancer?

EMF versus PEMF

If you take a metal and you rub against something else, then all of a sudden it turns magnetic. The Earth is a very powerful strong magnetic field that expands out into the universe. As soon as you move out of that into space, like astronauts did, all of sudden they were having the problems that their health deteriorated. Their blood clotted up, everything was getting worse, oxygen uptake was decreased, their immune system completely collapsed. What they noticed is we need to create that magnetic field within our spaceships in order for our astronauts to stay well. We know that from our Earth frequency field that there are very low frequencies, they start at zero and they go up to about 40 or 50 hertz.


The next frequency range is what we call EMF, dirty electricity. This is man-made. It starts from power poles, it’s about 50 or 60 hertz that they carry, then it goes out to computer monitors, radio, etcetera. We know gigahertz, which is 3G and 4G mobile phones. Then microwaves, which are very destructive and they overheat. When you see mobile phone towers today, they are linked with microwaves, so one mobile phone tower to the next has actually a microwave link and they are all pervading. If birds fly through that link and they fly exactly in that beam from one pole to another, they fall out of the sky.

Then we have on the other side the visual light, which is infrared and ultraviolet light. If you have a short exposure, two hours a day, it’s all very healthy, it’s what we need to live. But if you stay out too long and stay too much in the sun, it’s actually damaging. Then we have cosmic rays and x-rays, which we all know cause harm to the cell, cause destruction to the DNA. That’s something that we need to avoid as much as we can.

As soon as you use PEMF – the same frequencies, the same magnetic fields as the Earth creates – you enhance life energy, you enhance the cellular energy, the structure of the cell, the detoxification pathways. Everything is enhanced, and I’ll show you that in a moment.

What are the Effects on us?

We are all electrical beings. We know we have neurons and electrodes, it’s all electrical. Our whole system is charged and we can measure that in the form of measuring heat, in measuring our radiance into the world. Everything that keeps us alive are electrons.

That’s just a simple explanation that when you fire a large amount of excited particles, which are those magnetic fields, into the body all of a sudden the body recharges in energy, the cells start to build up again, all of the sodium channels, ion channels, potassium channels, all clear up and the body is recharged and the whole electrical mechanism in our body works a lot better.

Let me explain the effect on your cells and what it actually does. It actually needs to vibrate your cell, recharge your cell, activate your cell. When you penetrate through a body those cells go everywhere, they go through bone. Magnetic cells have no limit, they vibrate through everything, like long waves they go through everything.

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