Patents – From PsyOps to MindWars – Monitoring a Patient using a Global Network, e.g. Telephone Networks, Internet – Neurological Warfare

Why this is not publicly discussed? If is not publicly discussed is used against people.

Patent US20200000338A1 – Cloud-based physiological monitoring system – (2014)

A cloud-based physiological monitoring system has a sensor in communications with a living being so as to generate a data stream generally responsive to a physiological condition of the living being. A monitor receives the data stream from the sensor, RFID, Nanotech and transmits the data stream to a cloud server. The cloud server processes the data stream so as to derive physiological parameters having values responsive to the physiological condition. The cloud server derives a medical index based upon a combination of the physiological parameters. The cloud server communicates the medical index to the monitor, which displays the medical index.

Connected Patents

US10667762B2 – 2017-02-24 – Masimo Corporation – Modular multi-parameter patient monitoring device

US10702194B1 – 2008-07-03 – Masimo Corporation – Multi-stream data collection system for noninvasive measurement of blood constituents

US10779098B2 – 2018-07-10 – Masimo Corporation – Patient monitor alarm speaker analyzer

US10827961B1 – 2017-04-27 – Masimo Corporation Physiological measurement calibration

US6970792B1 – 2002-12-04 – Masimo Laboratories, Inc. Systems and methods for determining blood oxygen saturation values using complex number encoding (5G – 60GHz Wireless Network – Oxygen Absorption – Unable to Breath)

A61B5/0022 Monitoring a patient using a global network, e.g. telephone networks, internet

Ongoing PCR Tests – MindWars

“Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR test, if you run it long enough … with PCR if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody … it doesn’t tell that you are sick.”

Dr. Kary Mullis, PhD, creator of the PCR test

How Everyone Will Test Positive For COVID-19 – PCR Tests – 5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

Patent US8721543B2 – Data analytics system (2012)

The invention includes a system and processes to gather and analyze data to monitor, track, and provide care. The major subsystems of the invention include the Medical Digital Assistant (“MDA”), Server, Monitoring Devices, Dispensing Devices, Server, Dashboard, and Application Software. The invention includes the method for conducting data acquisition, monitoring, analysis, and reporting to diagnose and treat medical conditions such as diagnosing and treating specific medical conditions such as fertility and congestive heart failure (5G Transmitters – High Gear Dielectric Lens Antenna – Chemical Nano Spraying – 3D Maps – 868 MHz – Battlefield Interrogation Equipment – Chemtrails).

Patent US10517479B2 – Mesh network personal emergency response appliance (2006)

A monitoring system using an activity sensor to determine patterns of activity based upon the user activity occurring over time.

Patent US20030032870A1 – Method for psychophysiological detection of deception through brain function analysis (2002)

The subject invention comprises a method whereby a deceptive individual will be required to perform a specific cognitive task in order to accomplish deception, which differs from a cognitive task that is performed by a truthful individual in response to the same instructions. The psychophysiological manifestations of the cognitive task or of the increased cognitive activity involved in the task are measured. The brain waves or other psychophysiological data are then analyzed to distinguish the types or levels of cognitive activity produced by the cognitive task for truthful and deceptive individuals (Strategic Intelligence – Cryptocurrency System using Body Activity Data – ID2020 – Digital ID with Vaccines – Monarch RFID – NanoCore – Slavery).

A61B5/164 Lie detection

Patent US10632342B2 – Method and apparatus for exercise monitoring combining exercise monitoring and visual data with wireless devices (2005)

Embodiments of the invention provide a method and apparatus for a wireless exercise monitoring system for interactively monitoring an aspect of exercise, sports, or fitness utilizing a wearable device, such as a watch, eyewear, or smart apparel. The device is equipped with, or connected to, a digital camera. Sensors integrated with, or wirelessly connected to, the wearable internet device record physiological data during exercise and data measuring the amount of exercise performed. The data and visual images from the camera are transmitted to one or more internet servers, and may be shared with other mobile internet devices.

Patent US10595730B2 – Physiological monitoring methods (2007)

A method of monitoring a subject includes detecting subject head motion information via a microelectromechanical systems sensor associated with an earpiece worn by the subject, processing, via a processor associated with the earpiece, the head motion information to determine subject head displacement relative to an origin and to determine if the subject has fallen down and/or is not moving, and transmitting the processed head motion information to a remote device. The method further includes communicating corrective action to the subject from the remote device and/or communicating corrective action for the subject from the remote device to a third party. The earpiece may include an audio headset, a hearing aid, or an earpiece fitting.

Patent US20150245797A1 – Method and apparatus for deriving and reporting the thermic effect of food and calories consumed for an individual utilizing physiological parameters (2003)

Various methods and apparatuses for measuring a state parameter of an individual using signals based on one or more sensors are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first set of signals is used in a first function to determine how a second set of signals is used in one or more second functions to predict the state parameter. In another embodiment, first and second functions are used where the state parameter or an indicator of the state parameter may be obtained from a relationship between the first function and the second function. The state parameter may, for example, include calories consumed or calories burned by the individual. Various methods for making such apparatuses are also disclosed.

Patent US20080294033A1 – Biological Signal Processing Unit, Wireless Memory, Biological Signal Processing System, And Control System Of Device To Be Controlled (2005)

It is an object to provide a means for easily operating various devices to be controlled (i.e. a word processor or a car) using a brain wave signal of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or a psychological disorder, and for supporting the active performance of a user by employing wireless communication with a memory (wireless memory) capable of communicating without wires in which a command on the human movement is memorized. A present biological signal processing unit has an electrode for detecting a biological signal (an electric signal) from a living body, or for transmitting an electric signal into a living body, an interface, and an antenna which can communicate with an external device (i.e. wireless memory, reader/writer); therefore, convenience of the user is improved in the case where a user utilizes an electronic device or the like. In addition, the active performance of a user can be supported.

Patent US5507291A – Method and an associated apparatus for remotely determining information as to person’s emotional state (1994)

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