Solution – Scalar Energy – Quantum Science – Nikolai A. Kozyrev – Nikola Tesla – Every atom is a torsion generator – Amazing Benefits to our Health or 5G HAARP killing device?

Nikolai A. Kozyrev was correct in affirming that the spiraling energy of the universe was indeed scalar energy and that this primal force in the universe served to assemble and sustain the stars as well as all of creation. This is the genius of Nikolai A. Kozyrev!

Kozyrev’s observations point to the fact that scalar energy transcends time and space as the universe utilizes the Life Force in order to communicate with itself instantly.

In physics, a scalar is a simple physical quantity that is not changed by coordinate systém ratations or translations. A „Scalar wave“ propagates through the dimension time, but not through the dimension space. Scalar waves forms non-local potential energy. They carry information and have a fractal structure. Scalar Waves do not decay over time or distance!

A simple „capacitor“ is able to store energy as a static electrical field. The energy in a capacitor is only released when the circuit is closed. Scalar waves stores energy and information in a dimension „outside of our 3D space“ … and the stored energy can be released by „closing the circuit“ in our 3D dimension …

A RLC circuit (An RLC circuit is an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor (R), an inductor (L), and a capacitor (C), connected in series or in parallel) in electronics is able to tune into the ambient radio waves if it is in harmony with the frequency.

Our DNA is more than only a data storage unit. It‘s a quantum antenna, able to send and receive data! The DNA has access to a vast pool of information outside of our 3D dimension. It creates Scalar Waves and it receives them if it is tune with the „frequency“. No information get lost through this super advanced technology inside our cells (Biological life and artificial non harmonic EMF – Fractal Antennas in wireless technology kill biological life – Rapid Beamforming in Smart Antennas is 5G Kill Grid).

The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.

Nikola Tesla

Our Brain is such a tuning machine. Information is not stored in our brain. Our brain is a „ interface “ creating a connection to a higher dimension. The EM-Field created by our brain and heart makes all cells in our body resonate. Each DNA structure reinforce this field.

Water is affected by Scalar Waves. It resonates with the Scalar Waves when micro-clusters are formed (The Heart Is Not A Pump – Rudolf Steiner – Chestahedron – The Heart and Circulation: An Integrative Model – EZ Water – 5G – Sun). 70 % of our planet is covered by water, and our body is also made of 70 % water. Humans have a collective consciousness and collective memory. Experiments and empirical data proved that we are interconnected to each other. Our thoughts and emotions affects all humans. (Laboratories like Princeton University’s PEAR lab, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and others have been doing experiments to look at how deeply consciousness our minds are connected to the fabric of physical reality.)

If many humans are coherent in their mind, like a laser, then even the weather can be altered.

HAARP is a Scalar EM Wave weapon. HAARP is type of phased array antenna like 5G. It is able to manipulate the weather and it is dangerous for our health. In this picture typical HAARP patterns are visible. These pattern are not natural and are man-made. HAARP is an advanced model of a super powerful Ionospheric heater which may cause the earth to warm and have a global warming effect.

Scalar Energy

The CONVERGENCE of two electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from two opposite direction produce Scalar Energy. The CANCELLATION of the free movements of these EMF keeps them in one place: Scalar Energy is stationary energy. The CONCENTRATION of SE provides the health benefits when one comes close to it.

Our Body is 70% Water : Our Body is 70% Water Our brain has even more, at 90% water! We are a Human being, but also a WATER BEING! Therefore the quality of WATER present in our body is very important to our health. Quality of Water in our bodies is indeed CRITICAL! Good quality WATER gives good health, bad quality WATER gives bad health!.

100 years ago, Nicola Tesla was able to demonstrate the existence of Scalar Energy. Tesla named Scalar Energy as Radiant Energy (Special Additions – Nikola Tesla – Radiant Energy – Make your Own). In the last decade, exploration of Scalar Energy’s potential has made it easily usable for health benefits.


A revolutionary discovery of Quantum Science Amazing Benefits to our Health!

Based on latest discovery in quantum science Scalar Energy has always existed since the beginning of time. Scalar energy was first discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century, and proven by Nikola Tesla. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, found that scalar energy unclumps and activates living cells. Cellular energy and body energy levels increase by use of scalar energy. For every cell to function normally, it requires energy of 70-90 milivolts and we can verify this by using a spectrogram. Scalar energy can protect our DNA from damage, improve cell wall permeability, and is helpful in cancer treatment. Scalar waves prevent the uptake of nor-adrenaline by PC 12 nerve cells, reduce inflammation, promote unclumping of cells, improve circulation, immune and endocrine systems. They also have the ability to kill bacteria, parasites, enhance cellular nutrition and detoxification. Scalar energy has great importance in human health, and a wide scope for establishing a new era in the pharmaceutical life. By Sanghai1 S, Kadam2 V, Shinde S. A REVIEW ON HEALTH BENEFITS OF SCALAR ENERGY. IAJPR. 2014; 4(1): 491-494.

Bio-Electric Field

Scalar energy REINFORCES YOUR BIO-ELECTRIC FIELD The human body by its very nature carries energy charge This electric charge can be weakened by age, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, psychological & emotional stress The bio-electric field is constantly bombarded by artificial EMF contamination (look for the HZ sign; celfones & sites, refs, microwave ovens, high tension wires), man-made frequencies.

Conversations With Dr. Cowan & Friends | Ep6: Dr. Gerald Pollock


If you use scalar energy, the frequency will tend to stay in the objects indefinitely such as with objects you wear and supplements you ingest. The energy is held and transferred through crystalline structures in the body. For example, crystalline structures in every cell wall and liquid crystal structures in the collagen network comprising all of the space between cells are capable of holding a charge. If you read the book ” Lessons from the Miracle Doctors,” by Jon Barron you will see photographs demonstrating the effects of eating supplements infused with scalar energy. Even though embedded scalar energy is a preset, fixed frequency, it offers three huge advantages: convenience, daily delivery, and cost effectiveness. Since scalar energy is so different from the standard electromagnetic energy you are familiar with, it is worth exploring further.

What is Scalar Energy and How does Scalar Energy Work?

Scalar energy is an longitudinal energy that, unlike transverse 3-dimensional energy (up/down, right/left, back/front) it modulates in the direction it is going, accordion-like, along the axis of time, the 4th dimension.

There are fundamentally two kinds of energy – electromagnetic wave energy (light waves, sound waves, electric current, etc.) and scalar standing wave energy. Today it is being used in everything from weapons research to protecting DNA, helping to eliminate cellular waste and improving circulation, immunity, and even memory. Scalar waves are created by a pair of identical waves (usually called the wave and its antiwave) that are physically identical, but out of phase temporally in terms of time. Therefore, they look and act completely different from standard Hertzian electromagnetic fields: they are more field-like than wavelike. Instead of running along wires or shooting out in beams, scalar energy tends to “fill” its 2 environment and can pass through solid objects with no intensity loss. This becomes very important in terms of developing the technology for embedding objects.

How do the cells in our bodies work?

Each cell in our body has an electric charge on its plasma wall. Inside is positive, outside is negative. This charge is referred to as the cell’s transmembrane potential. In healthy cells, this potential is 70-90 millvolts, (mV). Diseased cells have very low transmembrane potentials (cancer is around 15-20 mV). For diseased cells to survive, they must overproduce, creating the tumors associated with most diseases.

It has been established, in cancer, that the disease can be stopped by restoring energy levels of the mitochondria in the cells. And contrary wise, low energy levels of mitochondria are the base cause of self-inducing, cancerous processes (Electromagnetic Effects on Mitochondria).


How does energy affects our bodies?

Most electrical equipment (television, computers, mobile phone, microwave, 4G, 5G) radiate artificial pulse frequencies and interfere with the membrane potentials and basic mitochondria in the cells of the body The mitochondria is responsible for biochemical processes of respiration and energy production within a cell. Pretty important stuff! Scalar Energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a type of protective shield around the body, removing and canceling the effects of man-made frequencies EMF’s (60 HZ) on the body (5G – Dr. Marco Ruggiero, PhD, MD – Molecular Biologist – Fractal Antenna – Quantum Biology – Microbiome – Viruses – Exosomes).

Fortunately, It’s quite easy to “embed” a set healing frequency in a product or object. If you use scalar energy, the frequency will tend to stay in the object indefinitely (unless overridden by a stronger frequency). This can be done with objects you wear such as Scalar Energy Pendants or Orgonite Pendants as well as scalar devices you use.

Does Scalar Energy really Work?

It’s all about the frequency! We are beings of energy and frequency. If all the cells in our body are vibrating to create a membrane potential of 90mV, then theoretically there should be no disease. But our cells vibrations can be easily lowered, by man made EMF, by strong negative emotions, by pollution in air and water and more. Sometimes it just makes sense to give our cells a little help. Scalar energy is one way to help, Meditation is another, gentle touch hands on healing, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic frequency) devices (Special Additions – PEMF). The choices are becoming more and more available.

May all cells in your body vibrate feed your mitochondria with 90 mV membrane potentials and may you be Well!


An atom is actually a vortex of aetheric energy, where the negatively-charged electron clouds are pressing in towards the positively-charged nucleus via the Biefield-Brown effect. Geometry is a major factor in the quantum realm, since it represents the natural form that vibration creates in a fluidlike medium (Special Additions – Nine is the Number of Universe).

These naturally occurring aetheric vibrations will cause atoms that are released from a tiny nozzle to gather into perfectly geometric microclusters, which act as one large atom in their own right. These vibrations are also responsible for the formation of quasi-crystals, where a rapidly-cooled metallic alloy forms into a geometric structure that cannot be created by individual “particle” atoms, but only by those atoms blending together into a larger whole.

Again, the key is that these geometric forms are being created by vibration. In order for this vibration to occur, an atom must be constantly absorbing and radiating aetheric energy at the same time. As this vibration continues, the atom will throw off torsion waves into the surrounding aether.

This means that every atom is a torsion generator, and depending on its overall “spin polarization,” i.e. whether there is a greater amount of right-handed or left-handed spin in its electron clouds, the object will either generate left-handed or right-handed torsion waves.

Larger “bulk” groupings of atoms into common physical objects would obviously follow the same rules.

Obviously, any of the Platonic Solids would be in this category, but other shapes can harness torsion waves without necessarily being Platonic Solids. Dr. Victor Grebennikov discovered such phenomena in the “cavity structural effect” or CSE, through his study of insects.

We shall also discuss Dr. Golod, Dr. Krasnoholovets, Joe Parr and others’ surprising research on the power of the pyramid shape to harness torsional energy.

Nikolai A. Kozyrev

Nikolai A. Kozyrev was born on September 2, 1908 in St. Petersburg, Russia to Julia and Alexander Kozyrev. As a young man Kozyrev aspired to become an astrophysicist and he subsequently was admitted to Leningrad University where he received degrees in physics and mathematics. Upon graduating in 1928, Kozyrev pursued his post-graduate studies at the Pulkovo Observatory where he conducted astronomical observations that would serve to have profound and far-reaching implications. One of Kozyrev’s discoveries was that Sun spots extended beyond the Sun’s surface and that the center of the Sun was hollow and rather cool. Kozyrev concluded that it was scalar energy that powered the Sun and was subsequently responsible for solar phenomenon such as Sun spots.

Kozyrev theorized that the interaction of time with substance was responsible for the power generation of the stars in the universe. He observed that scalar energy was spiraling energy that was in itself a, “flow of time,” that acted upon the ether in order to generate power for the stars. This theory has been proven as scalar energy is now recognized as a phase-conjugated double helix that does indeed spiral and accordingly act upon the ether-the fundamental particle of the universe-in order to create physical matter such as the stars. This sublime process is responsible for the geometry of the universe.

Telescopes were developed and utilized by Kozyrev that were capable of registering scalar energy emitted from the stars. Kozyrev observed that scalar light from the stars far exceeded the accepted speed of light of the electromagnetic energy spectrum, hence, the true, real-time position of the stars could be detected by Kozyrev’s telescope. Whereas, conventional observations that utilized the electromagnetic spectrum in order to interpret information from the stars revealed the past position of the stars.

Kozyrev observed that scalar energy emitted from the stars had velocities billions of times greater than the electromagnetic speed of light. This observation served to establish the fact that scalar energy pre-exists as a connection between the stars and the Earth and that this pre-existing connection is responsible for instantaneous velocity as well as instantaneous communication between the stars and the Earth. That is, the pre-existing connection of the stars with the Earth proves that the universe is a hologram whereby all points are interconnected and therefore instantaneous velocity as well as instantaneous communication in the universe are the norm by way of the scalar energy spectrum. In conclusion, Kozyrev’s observations point to the fact that scalar energy transcends time and space as the universe utilizes the Life Force in order to communicate with itself instantly.

Kozyrev and Gravity

Kozyrev also demonstrated that a scalar energy force field had a direct effect upon the weight of objects leading him to conclude that scalar energy is the cause of gravity. Experiments were conducted with gyroscopes that revealed a decrease in weight when the gyroscope was rotated in a counter-clockwise motion in unison with the counter-clockwise force of the Coriolis effect in the Northern hemisphere. Kozyrev concluded that the Coriolis effect imparted additional scalar energy upon the gyroscope that served to decrease the weight of the object. The phenomenon of weight change is common in gyroscope experiments and Kozyrev’s results have been independently replicated. Kozyrev went on to propose that space travel would be feasible if scalar energy was utilized thereby allowing anti-gravity propulsion in order to overcome any temporal or spatial constraint.


Nikola Tesla was the first scientist able to provoke a earthquake with Scalar Waves. Scalar EM Weapons are now used by some countries as a tool to spread fear. But this governments are not aware that in a invisible realm creatures of incredible power are ready to judge them for their crimes.

„Because he has set a day in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth in righteousness“ (Acts 17:31) The Angels of God will execute his judgment. No human made weapon is able to defend them against this creatures residing in a spiritual dimension outside of our space.


Nikola Tesla – Apparatur for transmitting electrical energy patent 1.119.732 Patented Dec. 1. 1914

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