Linguistic Wave Genetics is the answer how to stop COVID 5G – Biological Quantum Computers

Everything is about harmony or disharmony. If you are in wave harmony you can heal your body. Wave genetics can cure any disease. With 5G pulsed and non harmonic waves you become quickly out of the balance. 5G technology can not only have a profound impact on human health, but on the health of all living organisms it touches, including plants and microbiome. The 5G infrastructure poses a serious threat to our planet’s atmosphere. The 5G can contaminate our food supply. In this research (5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells), they show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.

Solution – Linguistic Wave Genetics – Laser Quantum Technology

Linguistic Wave Genetics (LWG) has the enormous potential. Father of LWG Peter Garyaev is the candidate on Nobel Prize of medicine of 2021. The main thing here are laser technology, simulating quantum information processes in the chromosomes of the spin States of photons.

That have been received in practice when using lingvistiko-wave technology of genetics?

  1. Received primary results, includes also Bomovskie principles, for long-distance transmission of genetic and metabolic information on plants and bacteria, as well as the sick and old people.
  2. Able to heal the previously incurable genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, it’s a bullez, daunizm.
  3. Implemented quantum programming stem cells and start to regenerate teeth, the pancreatic gland and intestines, as well as, in some cases, restore sight to people.
  4. Received the primary evidence of real aging in humans and braking the partial return to a more youthful State. Marker – a return to women menstrual cycle is about 70 years.

Wave Genetics Can Cure Any Disease – Dr. Peter Garyaev

There are some mind-boggling information, it can change the way you perceive the world around you, the way you think about yourself and your life.

Wave Genetics Can Cure Any Disease – Dr. Peter Garyaev

In this video you will learn about professor Peter Garyaev and his groundbreaking theory of wave genetics. Basically, professor Peter Garyaev has the keys to your immortality. Wave genetics enables us to find cures for all kinds of diseases and conditions, to regenerate organs and to make us generally healthier and to help us live longer and better.

Complete recovery of the pancreases of laboratory rats
And Peter Garyaev has proven that he is capable of doing magical stuff. In one of his dazzling wave genetics experiments he induced a complete recovery of the pancreases of laboratory rats.

Biological quantum computers transcribe your genetic information

The core basis of the treatment based on wave genetics is to expose you to the waves of encoded information. Professor Peter Garyaev uses biological quantum computers to transcribe your genetic information, the data contained in your DNA. Then, this information is encoded into sound waves and recorded on a DVD. You listen to this DVD once in a while, and when you do, it affects take place.

The unique sound of your DNA will cure all of your diseases, will help you regenerate your organs and will help you avoid the process of getting older, the process of aging.

DNA in the form of dynamically polarized holograms

DNA information presents itself in the form of dynamically polarized holograms as well as phantom DNA structures. In the interpretation of the quantum work of the genome almost everything is hypothetical. Nevertheless, Garyaev and his team created a laser technology, to some extent simulating “sign wave” states of the genome, and are able to transmit genetic and genetic-metabolic information. Manifestations of phantom DNA, which they managed to detect in 1984 but published only in 1991 [Gariaev et al.,1991], are particularly interesting. Now they can produce phantom DNA with laser techniques and materialize it as a material structure in the PCR system [Gariaev et al.,2014 (a) Gariaev et al.,2014 (b)], as it was done earlier, but in their own way, by the team of Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Luc Montag-nier [Montagnier et al.,2012].

Linguistic Wave Genetics and cystic fibrosis and Down Syndrome

The practical use of LWG principles is potentially large. So far, we have made precedents of regeneration of teeth, pancreas, and retina with full restoration of vision, cured cystic fibrosis and Down Syndrome, and returned mobility to the paralyzed.

LWG provides a method to program stem cells

LWG provides a method to program stem cells. LWG makes it possible to, in an environmentally friendly way selectively destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses, insect pests and weeds in agriculture. LWG lays the foundations for quantum computing instead of digital.

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