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The British Ministry of Defense – 5G & 4G+ Kill-Grid indistinguishable from Communications Infrastructure

The British Ministry of defense concluded, quite correctly, that such s system could be blended into normal communications infrastructure. A “Kill-Grid” built from non ionizing civilian operators (large arrays) would be indistinguishable from what is claimed to be, until the very moment of its activation.

eNodeB(LTE), gNodeB(5G NR) – Engineer command platform for wireless technology

The Configure-Beamforming-Power-Auto enables device to automatically adjust Beamforming power according to local requirements such as antenna configuration or location. This is the typical configuration for the mobile network and allowed Self Organized Network (SON) operation.

Authorized user – setting up power above configured levels

The configure beamforming power allows a properly authorized user to directly manipulate the base station transmit power above configured levels to enable spot beamform patterns with higher than typical power output.

Use with caution, because base station power amplifiers will run at maximum level for the attack configured time. Configured times must be below power amplifier max run times to avoid equipment damage. The operational manual doesn’t care about your life.

To prevent accidental operation this command must be enabled by a security authorized user before use. Hostconfig secure command enable with the PASS KEY (Electronically Steered Multi Beam Antennas (ESMA) – Microwave oven in Space – 5G Kill Grid).


Power levels of individual beamforming antenna elements. For example on a 64 MIMO antenna array each element may be configured to the maximum transmit output power according to specifications of power amplifiers. Typical system will allow 50 dBm (100 Watts) for each element therefore a fully configured 64 MIMO system will transmit 68 dBm (6400 Watts, https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/power/dBm_to_Watt.html) any antenna. Typical beamforming gain may be 18dB so total EIRP power will be maximum of 86dBm (389000 Watts) in the main lobe of the beam.

Each element must be configured separately in dBm:

Configure-Beamforming-Power 1=50, 2=50, 3=50 … 64=50

On completion the system will configure the eNodeB 4G LTE or gNodeB 5B NR and responds with OK or ERROR.

Configure-Beamforming-Power 1=50, 2=50, 3=50 … 64=50

dBm to watts conversion table

Power (dBm)Power (W)
-30 dBm0.000001 W
-20 dBm0.00001 W
-10 dBm0.0001 W
0 dBm0.001 W
1 dBm0.0012589 W
2 dBm0.0015849 W
3 dBm0.0019953 W
4 dBm0.0025119 W
5 dBm0.0031628 W
6 dBm0.0039811 W
7 dBm0.0050119 W
8 dBm0.0063096 W
9 dBm 0.0079433 W
10 dBm0.01 W
20 dBm0.1 W
30 dBm1 W
40 dBm10 W
50 dBm 100 W
60 dBm1000 W
70 dBm10000 W
80 dBm100000 W
90 dBm 1000000 W
dBm to watts conversion table

P(W) = 1W ⋅ 10(P(dBm) / 10) / 1000 = 10((P(dBm)– 30) / 10)

Remember when calculation your total output that the FCC only allows 36 bBm EIRP (4Watts)

Operational manual – Engineering and platform commands


Local attack configuration commands are used to configure high power beam forming lobes directed at moving or stationary targets within a non-protected coverage area.

It should be noted that some novel antenna systems such as dynamic beamforming, MIMO enabled systems and lens antennas are only supported with additional signal processing (5G – HAARP – Real World Simulations – Matrix – Nanobots – LDAL).

Where beam forming systems are deployed in the covered area automatic target tracing will be enabled by default. Careful configuration of attack tracing must be used to avoid accident.

Attack targets must be within range of the base station. As mmWave base station systems are not available at the moment this document details only commands that configure systems on the following frequencies and powers and ranges (5G Transmitters – High Gear Dielectric Lens Antenna – Chemical Nano Spraying – 3D Maps – 868 MHz – Battlefield Interrogation Equipment – Chemtrails).

868 MHz50 dBmBipolar directionalWiMAC100M
1,8 GHz60 dBmDuel Antenna TX4G1,5KM
2,3 GHz85 dBmBeam form4G1,5KM
3,5 GHz85 dBmBeam form5G2 KM

Patent US 7,629,918 B2 Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system 2005

An RFDE system includes an RFDE transmitter and at least one RFDE antenna. The RFDE transmitter and antenna direct high power electromagnetic energy towards a target sufficient to cause high energy damage or disruption of the target. The RFDE system further includes a targeting system for locating the target. The targeting system includes a radar transmitter and at least one radar antenna for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy to locate the target. The RFDE system also includes an antenna pointing system for aiming the at least one RFDE antenna at the target based on the location of the target as ascertained by the targeting system. Moreover, at least a portion of the radar transmitter or the at least one radar antenna is integrated within at least a portion of the RFDE transmitter or the at least one RFDE antenna (Directed-Energy Weapons – Lasers and Microwaves.).

Offensive Matrix

Radar-based systems lack the resolution required for massive-scale urban pacification. A offensive matrix require a significantly larger targeting array in order to achieve the minimum viable resolution. Such system can be built by re-purposing the control systems for street lighting and other commonplace street-furniture. Once again a large consumer-grade network of transducers can be employed, each with mounted Fresnel zone antenna. Fresnel antennas are antennas that focus the signal by using the phase shifting property of the antenna surface or its shape. A network of such devices have the resolution and discriminatory power to identify single individuals within a crowd. If necessary such a system used in combination with LM-type beam-formers can be used to focus several concussive waves towards the desired target, a technique widely used since the 1983 Suez operation.

Today is the 5th and 6th Generation technology with target acquisition and energy projection. It is clear to see that there is both technological and political precedent for the wide scale deployment of meta bisturbile offense grids.

Patent US9288007B2 (Endpoint device antenna beam forming based jamming detection and mitigati)

A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for locating a source of a communication impairment are disclosed. For example, the method detects the communication impairment, performs a sweep to locate a direction of the source of the communication impairment, wherein the sweep is performed in response to the detecting the communication impairment at the endpoint device, and generates a null in the direction of the source of the communication impairment.

Kill Grid & Smart Roads

5G roads may have large numbers of sensors and smart devices which, when combined, will enable real-time interaction between the infrastructure and the vehicles that use it. “The big thing” that will come with 5G is the possibility to actually rely on that connectivity,” says Maxime Flament, chief technology officer at 5G Automotive Association, an organization that brings together the telecommunications and automotive industries, with partners including Audi, Nokia and Huawei. This is “Kill Grid” between our homes, what if they turn on “5G Signiture”?

The entire automotive industry can also be sued for not doing its independent 5G studies in real conditions and therefore not acting according to the precautionary principle. The health of one person is more than the comfort of the majority of people.

Agriculture is at risk from 5G wireless radiation – 5G Kills nature

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established the 5G Fund for Rural America. The fund will hand over billions of dollars worth of taxpayer money to the world’s largest telecom providers, the telecom giants will build 5G infrastructure in rural regions of the U.S. to destroy the crops by the microwave radiation.

Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation – WHO – 1973

Proceedings of an international symposium, Warsaw, 15 – 18 October, 1973. Sponsored by: The World Health Organization; The US Department of Health, education and Welfare; The Scientific Council to the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Poland

The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth

Symptoms of radio-wave sickness .. US Naval Medical Research Institute 1972

Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation – proceedings of an international symposium, Richmond, Virginia, 17 – 19 September, 1969. Stephen F. Cleary, Department of Biophysics; Virginia Commonwealth University; Sponsored by: Medical College of Virginia with the support of Bureau of Radiological Health

Environmental Health Criteria 16 – Radiofrequency and Microwaves – World Health Organization; Geneva 1981

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

Special Additions – Nine is the Number of Universe

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