Spike Protein – Possible Protection against COVID Vaccine – DNA Internet – Wave Genetics and Induced Wave Immunity – REZOTONE 11

This short video “Stay Away from Vaxxed People Nurse Warns” supports Peter and Katya Gariaev’s strong theory and practice that DNA communicates with each other and forms the Bio Internet. Those who have been vaccinated who have received the vaccine carry the wrong DNA and RNA.

COVID-19 vaccinated people are a very big danger to their surroundings, especially for our children. The modified DNA or RNA in the vaccine affects people, life around the vaccinated people. Every day from now this effect will be increasingly visible in populations around the world. It’s a big test. It is the separation of grain from chaff.

Shedding & Spreading Issues the mRNA is Damaging People in Multiple Ways

Spike proteins SARS-CoV-2 are causing Vascular damage to lungs and inflammation in cardiovascular system by binding to and damaging the human ACE-2 receptors leading to increased problems and deaths by vascular damage to arteries, leading to increased blood clots heart attacks, stokes, etc. Also causes irregular bleeding in women. Spike protein crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes neurological damage.

The Spike proteins in the mRNA Fake “Vaxx”@ emergency experimental injections are programming peoples bodies to reproduced more spike proteins that damage peoples vascular and immune systems, therefore the mRNA is bioweapon turning people’s bodied to attack themselves …

It’s like living through a bad dream as so many people remain oblivious to what’s happening before their eyes… due to collusion of Governments – media etc …


Possible remedy and protection is with Q Light Generator and the new Rezotone 11 with extra frequencies to protect against ‘shedder-spreaders’.

REZOTONE 11 – Protection from 5G & COVID & SPIKE PROTEIN

How to Deal with the Situation – Working on the Solutions

My brain is only a receiver, In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

Nikola Tesla

Everything is the Light

Nikola Tesla interview from 1899

Only from Informed Light can be Induced a Chemical Reaction

Prof. Dr. P. P. Gariaev and the team also implemented the DNA phantom effect the other way around. Only from Informed Light can a Chemical Reaction be induced, as Prof. Dr. P. Gariaev’s experiments prove. Specifically, the materialization of a DNA fragment in water through modulated laser radiation (DNA Decipher Journal, 2015 Korneev, A.A. Gariaev P.P. Some Aspects of Wave Gene Transmission).

How much the Power of Your Mind Can Protect You?

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

Max Planck (23 April 18584 October 1947) – Nobel Prize in 1918 – father of quantum physics

Today, DNA is considered a new form of the Internet. You may also encounter dangers on the Internet. The mind is everything. The power of the Spirit, the purity of the Soul and the health of the Body. DNA can be encoded via language or words. We create through thoughts (God Id. Linguistic Wave GeneticsКВАНТОВАЯ ГЕНЕТИКА. СИЛА СЛОВА. БЕССМЕРТИЕ И ВЕЧНАЯ МОЛОДОСТЬ. Пётр Гаряев и Ада Кондэ).

DNA Bio Internet

Research proves that DNA communicates with other DNA and forms the Bio Internet. DNA is a fractal antenna that transmits and receives on a very wide frequency band. Tsian Kanchzhen came to the conclusion that DNA as a physical molecule is something like a tape recorder of a real electromagnetic, information field or signal. This electromagnetic signal runs along the molecule, it can be played, changed, similar to the recording on a tape recorder.

While the chemical structure of a DNA molecule will be almost the same in almost all organisms, the electromagnetic information and signal or dynamic holographic images that travel around the molecule can vary greatly.

The information that is in the DNA can lead us to the source, to the core, can awaken in us a consciousness, a connection that can help us pass through this time.

5G Microwaves and DNA Chimeras

In a 1960 experiment, Tsian Kanchzhen used a microwave to cross chicken DNA with duck DNA. Wave DNA crossing took place in BIOTRON, where duck and chicken eggs were kept long enough. It takes time for information to be wave-switched from one genetic species to another. Only under the influence of microwave radiation did the resulting chickens have the characteristics of a duck. Tsian Kanchzhen used the frequency 11 GHz, this frequency 11GHz is in the band of 5G networks. Since then, a number of experiments have been performed, which are beyond humanity and are from the category of very crazy science …

It can be said that you can transmit DNA information via 5G antennas and this can lead to the formation of chimeras, DNA mutations, zombies. Using the wave properties of DNA and microwave radiation, different DNAs can cross.

Influence of Geometry on DNA

Geometry also affects DNA crossing. Tensian Kanchzhen used dodecahedron geometry to create DNA chimeras (Y. V. Tszyan KANCHZHEN – Microwave Transfer of Biological Information ( Biotron )). This Geometry amplified the microwave effect. What other shapes of buildings in our cities affect us more?

Preventive Wave Immunity

Prof. Dr. P. Gariaev found in Moscow that holographic information can be introduced preventively. So it’s a preventive, selective, wave immunity to organ failure, or you can improve overall immunity. Quantum wave medicine.

You can imagine that you have a problem and you treat all quantum states around this problem. With this wave, quantum treatment, can be achieved a certain resistance to the problem, the pathogen. In practice, this is done by treating for example 20 percent of all the most probable quantum states (Covid-21 – Virus is appearing and Disappearing – Wave and Holographic Properties of DNA – Digital Sequences in Coronavirus – Misunderstanding in Western Science).

DARPA and Host Gene Expression Program Modulation

DARPA talks about programmable modulation of host gene expression – Holographic Information can be introduced preventively, ie preventive induced wave immunity, so you can do wave protection against toxins (DARPA – Broad Agency Announcement – PReemptive Expression of Protective Alleles and Response Elements (PREPARE) BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES OFFICE HR001118S0037 – June 6, 2018).

You can program stem cells with electromagnetic waves (DARPA – RadioBio: What role does electromagnetic signaling have in biological systems?).

Resonance between DNA and Language

There is also a resonance between DNA and human language. It is possible to modulate DNA using only language. This has already been done and the consequences are strong. Wave linguistic genetics is the main genetics in Russia (DARPA and Programmatic Modulation of Host Gene Expression – Holographic Information Can be introduced preventively – Repair of Damaged Spinal Cord).

Harmonic Connection with the Core of the Universe

Harmonious creation with the creative core of the Universe, with pure, white, eternal light and love, can give us the strength to go through this time and be able to protect our children, family, nation, harvest and nature. We are connected with our ancestors

It is our extraordinary strength and ability to survive. Our white pure light holographic form is strong. This ability to survive leads back to the divine mind, consciousness, source, core, Spirit, Soul… It leads to the seed of the supreme being in the heart of man, to the harmonious creation and to the immortality.


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