Special Additions – Hidden History – Part Two

We can have freedom for the first time in humanity’s history. This is our super consciousness . . . is in this state.

What is the message?

Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level. Learn to forgive yourself and others (thus releasing karma). This will change the vibration of the planet, raise the shared consciousness of humanity, and change human kind one person at a time — even if that one person is yourself. They tell us to treat your body as a temple and change over to a higher vibrational diet to aid in the process.

What is the Warning?

There is a warning with this message. Beings had tried to deliver this message three other times in the past, but it was distorted by humanity. They made it very clear that this information was NOT to become a cult or religious movement nor anyone to put himself before the message or elevate himself to a guru status. Anyone who does so should be avoided and held accountable.


It is interesting that Tesla not only invented a UFO, or IFO as it was called, but patented it officially, which was later classified by the NSA after his death. This piece of information lends further credence to the Secret Space Program history proffered by many whistleblowers and insiders.

Nikola Tesla IFO - Gyro Axis & Direction of Thrust - 369
Nikola Tesla IFO – Gyro Axis & Direction of Thrust – 369 ( Special Additions – Nine Number of Universe )

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

Nikola Tesla
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Special Additions – Nine is the Number of Universe

Vortex Based Mathematics – NIkola Tesla

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

Nikola Tesla

There are 360 degrees in a circle, but why?

The number “9” is the last number in a base 10 system which is the last and limit of all that is. Nine is a number which has many interesting qualities that other numbers do not have and has been used to hold a hidden code that affects every person on Earth. Nine holds within it a powerful resonance within our holofractographic, base-10 reality. As you will soon discover there is a hidden code that reveals the greatest truth of all and it is encoded into the construction of our universe.

Number 9 Code

Digital Root

The digital root (also repeated digital sum ) of a non-negative integer is the (single digit) value obtained by an iterative process of summing digits, on each iteration using the result from the previous iteration to compute a digit sum. The process continues until a single-digit number is reached.

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STOP5G Portal – Videos

West Montgomery County Citizens Association Opposed to ZTA 18-11

Mr. Blumenthal BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES: No studies showing safety of 5G – 7th Feb 2019
BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES: No studies showing safety of 5G – Senate hearing on the future of 5G technologies – 7th Feb 2019. See full story below. For anyone opposed to the 5G Rollout, please sign the ‘Stop 5G Appeal’ here: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal UK Citizens may wish to sign the Parliamentary Petition calling for a enquiry into the risks of 5G: https://petition.parliament.uk/petiti… U.S. – At Senate Commerce Hearing, Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology’s Potential Health Risks – Richard Blumenthal, 7th February 2019
The Secret Behind 5G Technology
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