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Unbelievably powerful weapons are operating – The cure of any disease – Mind control on a mass scale – Solution to the energy crisis – Time itself is actually compressed energy – E=tc2Zero point radiation – The most important papers by Tom Bearden – Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) – Longitudinal EM energy fills vacuum of space – Energetics – Bioenergetics – Psychotronics – The longitudinal scalar EM waves of the time domain

Longitudinal EM energy fills vacuum of space, the time domain of spacetime, time as compressed energy, E=tc2, waves of time, phase conjugate wave pairs.

“Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”

Nikola Tesla

“At any point and at any time, one can freely and inexpensively extract enormous EM energy flows directly from the active vacuum itself.”

Tom Bearden

These are the very weapons Nikita Khrushchev spoke of in January, 1960. “By 1957-8 the Soviets had progressed to the point of a giant scalar EM accident in the Urals which exploded nearby atomic wastes, devastating the area. They had also progressed to development of great new superweapons using their new energetics – weapons to which Khrushchev referred in 1960 when he informed the Soviet Presidium of a new, fantastic weapon in development, a weapon so powerful that it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly employed.’” Tom Bearden and his website (Cheniere).

Some Implications

  1. Solution to the energy crisis
  2. Unbelievably powerful weapons are operating
  3. The cure of any disease
  4. Mind control on a mass scale

These scalar waves do not actually exist in our “material” world, but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. And we must keep in mind that this vacuum of space we speak of exists all through everything. Even our bodies are mostly empty space between atoms and molecules.

Solution – Scalar Energy – Quantum Science – Nikolai A. Kozyrev – Nikola Tesla – Every atom is a torsion generator – Amazing Benefits to our Health or 5G HAARP killing device?

Time itself is actually compressed energy

It is energy which is compressed by exactly the same factor by which matter is considered compressed energy: the speed-of-light-squared!

So we have a new companion to the famous E=mc2. It is now paired with E=tc2 (where t is actually “delta-t,” or change in time). Or (amaze your family and friends and) say: “E equals em-cee-squared” and “E equals delta-tee-cee-squared”


This unified approach gathers everything in

  • Energetics – all energy actions and relations in inert matter
  • Bioenergetics – all field and matter interactions in living matter
  • Psychoenergetics (psychotronics) – all mind operations and mind-matter interactions

Special Additions – Nikola Tesla – Radiant Energy – Make your Own

Zero point radiation

The scalar energy discovered in the vacuum of space is sometimes called “zero-point” energy. What does “Zero Point mean”. It’s non-thermal radiation in the vacuum even, if the temperature could be lowered to absolute zero. Therefore, it was simply called the zero point radiation

Certain powerful interests did not wish the extended electromagnetics to be discovered or taught. That, after all, would lead to free energy and loss of economic control of the citizens. That was precisely why Nikola Tesla had already been suppressed… Today it is still being suppressed by the orthodox establishment.

The longitudinal scalar EM waves of the time domain

The longitudinal scalar EM waves of the time domain, can now be tapped and “transduced” into ordinary (transverse) EM energy in our 3-Space world. The energy acquired is free, since the river is there flowing whether we tap it or not.

Of course there is the cost of the equipment at first, but the energy flow is free for the presumably very long life (no moving parts) of the generator.

Indeed, the possibilities of these new weapons, which are tapping the huge energies of time, are so terrifying it is natural for the mind to simply say: “I don’t want to hear about that.” As a People on a Planet we must face this now, and ban the use of scalar weapons in war or in mass mind control.

The most important papers by Tom Bearden

The physics and mathematics of the longitudinal waves and the time domain are clearly beyond the layman, but please we recommend scanning through them anyway just to get a sense of the wonder and the elegance of it all and some of the exotic terms which are used. Two of the most important papers by Col. Bearden are:

“There is no problem at all in extracting all the energy one wishes from the active vacuum, anywhere in the universe, at any time. Just make a dipole.”

Tom Bearden

The problem is in (1) catching some of that freely gushing EM energy in a circuit containing a load, and (2) dissipating the caught and collected EM energy in that load to power it, without using half the caught energy to destroy the source dipole’s. That is the ONLY real energy problem on the planet, and always has been.”

A dipole could be a battery, which is polarized into negative and positive. Or the terminals of a generator. Or any magnet with its two poles. Or an atom with its positive and negative charges. Or the earth’s magnetic field, the sun, and all heavenly bodies. Even a galaxy is some kind of mega-dipole.

“In other words, nature then gladly gives us as much EM energy flow as we need, indefinitely just for paying a tiny little bit initially to “make the little dipole.” After that, we never have to pay anything again, and nature will happily keep on pouring out that 3-flow of EM energy for us. This is the giant negentropy mechanism I uncovered, performed in the simplest way imaginable: just make an ordinary little dipole.”


Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

The MEG may look like just a transformer, but it is not. It is a completely different breed of cat.”
Bearden :

The small MEG supply 2.5 kilowatts of free electricity – Forever. Units can be connected together to double or triple the wattage.

The physics of how the MEG works is explained in the paper “The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy Replenishment from the Active Vacuum.”

The device was successfully replicated by
J.L. Naudin in France, and others, like Steve Utne, are also working on their own models.

Bearden has given another technical explanation of how the MEG works here in a letter.

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator patented, 3-26-2002Click here to read the patent “In Magnetic Energy Limited, all business discussions and arrangements are taken care of by Dr. Lee Kenny, Managing Partner. There are five of us who are co-inventors of the MEG, and two of the others are really the principal inventors.” Bearden:

Free energy represents Man’s aspirations and dreams of freedom and equality, uniform division of resources and the ability to choose one’s own future.

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