Special Additions – Micronova – The Event – Ascension – Galactic SuperWaves – Genetic Programs – Meditation

When you start looking into the nature of this Universe and the Earth, you will start to see how everything is a mirror. Within us is a Universe, around us is a Universe and we are all connected. We are connected to Mother Earth through the subtle electrical current that runs around the entire planet. These electrical currents are known as “Ley Lines” and are almost like Mother Earth’s veins.

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness. Max Planck -- Nobel prize in 1918 ~~ The father of Quantum Physics
I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness. Max Planck — Nobel prize in 1918 ~~ The father of Quantum Physics

On Earth, there are 22 ET’s genetic programs… religions, race, social conditioning, traditions, language, geographic location, you can’t marry outside of your race … all of these different types of programming were created to have humans self police and prevent us from mixing with the other experiments. it’s very much the start of much of the racism and war and strife that we have on this planet was programmed into us to prevent us from mixing and getting along… This program has several components, there’s a religious or spiritual component, because when you have a race and you want them to evolve, they have to have their genetics, have to change at a certain rate as the years go by. They have evolve and change and then spiritually unconsciously. They have to keep up, if there are traumas or if other beings come in and control the planet, they’ll suppress one or more of these things and mess up the balance of our ascension basically, the way we’re supposed to grow and way we’re.

Ascension & End Times Prophecy – Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves – Part 1

That the end game is that we’re supposed to take over the programs. Right now up until recently, we had all of these ET groups, that were managing our genetics, manipulating our spirituality and our consciousness to keep us growing in a certain way, but we’ve reached a level now to where none of that is necessary. We can control it all ourselves, we can begin to wean, we know genetics, how the body works, many of us understand the true nature of spirituality and that it’s real and that it’s an important part of the ascension. This is all about the balance – Rebalancing the Divine Feminine was an essential part of ascension. That if we don’t that – that was knocked out of balance by beings coming to control us and coming together and having the intent to fight is exactly right and they’ve kept us divided to prevent that from happening, but now the rains are about to be handled over to humanity. Humanity is now taking over their own experiment and that they were allowed to do a cleanup work but it was all going to be handed over to us after this solar event occurs. This what we’re calling a solar flash, but it is a lot more than a flash – MicroNova. There have been a number of cataclysmic events that have occurred in our solar system and we found mass ejected from the Sun on the surface of Mars, on the surface of the Moon and other places, proving that this MicroNova that occurs every twelve thousand years or so had destroyed civilization many times. (Corey Goode)

A Breakthrough in Higher Dimensional Spheres | Infinite Series | PBS Digital Studios
Hypersphere is a sphere in dimensions that are bigger than three and while stacking hyperspheres has practical applications in error-correcting codes which help ensure accuracy when transmitting data.
Mathematician Maryna Viazovska proved the best way to pack spheres in eight and 24 dimensions.

If you had wings, you wouldn’t come back, you’d aim for the blue blue sky. I still haven’t learned what “sadness” is, but I’ve got a grasp on “heartache”. These feelings that I have for you are now becoming “words”. I wake from the dream of this unfamiliar world, I spread my wings and fly away. You said if you had wings you wouldn’t come back, you’d aim for the white white clouds. Knowing that once you broke through them, you would find the blue blue sky… The old rusty window broke with a crash that sounded like bitter words. I escaped the cage that I called home and never looked back. My breath keeps pace with my throbbing pulse. I kick, open the window and take off. That voice far away seduced me, telling me “run away, run away and you’ll find it”. I’ll grasp your eager hand and take you with me as far as I want into the blue blue sky. I knew would fall down, but I’ll get back up and chase the light. We said if you had wings we wouldn’t come back. Searching for the white white clouds, knowing that once we broke through them, we would find the blue blue sky.

Three Channels - Five Chakras - Five Warrior Seed Syllables
Three Channels – Five Chakras – Five Warrior Seed Syllables
His Holiness the 33rd Menri Trizin Passes Away

Worlds in Collision and C.I.A

Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky was printed in the 1950’s and Earth Crust Displacement by Charles H. Hapgood was written in 1958. The Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) has classified those books in 1966. It contained a slightly different version of a major scientific debate at the time… the differences make it unique. Between 1998 and 2015 the Pentagon has failed to account for $21 trillion in taxpayer money. Does the “missing” $21 Trillion have anything to do with the catastrophe cycle? On September 10th 2001, Rumsfeld announces an unaccounted for 2.3 trillion dollars in one year, the DoD’s own auditors say that. Where the money goes?

Famous NORAD (North American Defense Command) facility that can be found deep within the mountain. It’s widely believed that from New Mexico past the secret tunnels beneath Denver Airport and up into Wyoming there are bases and many manner of government activity by the way Cheyenne Mountain was built 1961 to 1966.

5 Truths About Earth’s Magnetic

5 Truths About Earth’s Magnetic Reversal
Historical Magnetic Declination https://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/historical_declination/
Superflood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJKTL…
How to Watch the Sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld5ec…
Disturbance Under the Ocean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6FbK…

More than a one and half decade now scientists have been publishing evidence that Earth’s magnetic poles are in the process of reversing. In 2003 the public got a huge leap in learning as NASA published their foundation article on how Earth was changing in this way they plotted every position of the north magnetic pole over last 175 years and we can see that the 1831 to 1904 pull migration during the first seventy-three years was fairly normal but that it was followed by a much larger jump over just 68 years and then jumped that same distance in only 29 years the pole had been moving slowly for hundreds of years. Since 1900 the poles certainly begun to shift and the poles are shifting faster and faster.

Magnetic Motion - The North Magnetic Pole is Heading from Canada into Siberia. Its rapid motion.
Magnetic Motion – The North Magnetic Pole is Heading from Canada into Siberia. Its rapid motion.

Earth’s magnetic field is fading

Part of Earth’s magnetic system is the magnetosphere. We notice a progressive weakening of our shield similar to the pole shift. It’s weakening faster and faster as of the year 2000 update our field had lost 10% of the strength that enjoyed before the magnetic poles began to shift and since we have noticed further weakening, large breaches in Earth’s magnetosphere and then more weakening. In fact in 2010 Earth’s magnetism was down 15%. That is not a good trend and it continued with the 2015 data as these poles continue advancing. The Swarm mission has taught us that the trend of magnetic field weakening is continuing. While we’re talking about the strength of the magnetic field please know, that it is not heterogeneous across the planet. There are three areas where stronger protection is afforded to our planet by the fields above. One of those is centered in northern Canada peaking out around 60000 nano Tesla, a slightly stronger field can be found above Siberia and the strongest field nearing 70000 nano Tesla is a top the southern magnetic pole. However there is a weak spot as well – the South Atlantic anomaly, where the field protection drops to less than 20000 nano Tesla, and where the Van Allen radiation belts dip into the upper atmosphere during solar storms and where the cosmic ray reading record was taken is quite the thing. Swarm is already detecting single event upsets around the world with the majority coming in areas where the magnetic field is weakest. Also magnetic field is fading faster and faster.

Earth's Weakening Shield
Earth’s Weakening Shield
Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from huge blasts of deadly solar radiation, has been weakening significantly.

The poles are moving toward each other

The North Pole is heading across the Arctic toward Siberia while the South Pole comes up from below Australia, because the north pole is moving faster their meeting place appears to be below equator near the Indonesia bend this is also important because in February 2014 there was the video called disturbance under the ocean the South Bali which was removed from public record the day after that video was published. Was showing a dramatic seafloor rise of thousands of feet indicating something was happening below. Even more interestingly is the opposite side of the planet.

Movements of Poles toward each other
Movements of Poles toward each other

Magnetic reversals are linked with extinction events And opportunities

Magnetic field protects us from the Sun which would strip the Earth’s atmosphere without the protection. Because of the extra oxygen loss into near-earth space earth is also at risk from major star. Water events like Noah’s Flood might have been.

In Declassified C.I.A. work they were indeed advanced civilization. Greece – land of the Hellenes – was the home of a tall, blue-eyed, blonde race with standards of science and law unmatched to this day. The Amazon Basis was an inland sea – legends call it the Sea of Xarayes – and the mouth of the Amazon River. The Province of Ceylon held the major civilization of India. Egypt and the Holy Land were thriving mixtures of vegetation and civilization.

Solar System & Cosmic Rays, Dust and Solar Wind
Solar System & Cosmic Rays, Dust and Solar Wind

The reversal may come sooner than expected

A few Berkeley scientists just blew that wide open in case. You couldn’t tell from the pole movement speed and the speed of the field weakening at these rates of change. We don’t have hundreds or thousands of years left. The official word is that reversal can happen as quickly as 80 years a human lifetime. We’re already a hundred years into this one.

Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun
The critical issue in this presentation is whether the reversal is going to happen soon. It is undeniable that the general pole shift and field weakening have presented symptomatically of a reversal or significant excursion, and the only point both ESA/SWARM and MIT use to quell fear is that they believe it will take 1000s of years. The math of losing 5% per decade, and the potential for fast reversals, cast a shadow on such aspersions of safety. http://news.berkeley.edu/2014/10/14/e… http://www.Suspicious0bservers.org http://www.SpaceWeatherNews.com http://www.QuakeWatch.net http://www.ObservatoryProject.com http://www.EarthChanges.org http://www.MagneticReversal.org

Our Solar System is Exiting a Magnetized Dust Cloud and Entering the Local Bubble. This is happening relatively slowly, over 100s to 1000s of years. Resulting in increased cosmic rays from the galaxy.

In 2018 the Sun has been very strong recently, stronger that it has been in about 11000 years this has provided a large amount of protection for the last century or so, but all evidence suggest, it is about to drop out hard in the coming decades with a lackluster return over the coming centuries. That is almost certain to miss the mark set by the recent multi millennium maximum and the cosmic ray forecast based on that drop in solar activity alone presents uncharted territory in modern science. So to review, we are right now coming out of the grand solar maximum since the end of the glacial period. We are about to see a tremendous drop in to grand solar minimum followed by a very slow magnetic recovery that won’t likely reach those same maximum levels for thousands of years. Allowing for that uncharted territory of high cosmic ray flux.

Ancient civilization and it is very hard for our scientific preferences to look at the corroborating stories with the characters and event so similar from China and India to the Americas and believed that they made it all up. Sudden revolutions of Earth’s surface was to blame for a cataclysm with evidence corroborating on every continent of tens of millions of animals dying seemingly at once as if twisted and torn by a cosmic rage.

The sun’s electromagnetic field is changing

The Sun's Electromagnetic Field is Changing
The Sun’s Electromagnetic Field is Changing
Record Galactic Waves, Dead Planets, Electric Space | S0 News Aug.7.2019

The ADAM and EVE STORY – Why it was classified by C.I.A?

With the rumble solo is to be inaudible growing, throbbing then fuming into a thundering roar the earthquake starts, only it’s not like any earthquake in recorded history. The mountains shake like ferns in a breeze, the mighty Pacific rears back and piles up into a mountain of water more than 2 miles high, and then starts its race with the force of a thousand armies. The wind attacks ripping, shredding everything in, its supersonic bombardment. The unbelievable mountain of Pacific seawater follows the wind, burying major cities, if they were but grains of sand. Nothing stops the relentless overwhelming onslaught of wind and ocean across the continent. The thousand mile per hour wind wreaks it’s unholy vengeance. Everywhere mercilessly and every living thing is ripped to shreds, while being blown across the countryside and the earthquake, leaves no place untouched. In many places the Earth’s molten sub layer, breaks through and spreads a sea of white hot liquid fire to add to the holocaust. Within three hours the fantastic wall of water moves across the continent, burying the wind, ravaged land under two miles of water, coast to coast in a fraction of a day all vestiges of civilization are gone. All cities are nothing but legends. Then turned into a frozen hell, everything freezes. For six days and nights oceans moves, during the sixth day the oceans start to settle in their new homes, running off the higher grounds. On the seventh day the horrendous rampage is over and new episode begins. Cataclysm has done its work well. The pitiful few who survive into a new Stone Age. The Earth has shifted at 60 mile thick shell with the poles moving almost to the equator in a fraction of a day again.

The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified
Watch the whole series to see more! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…
The C.I.A. classified a 284-page book on earth’s catastrophe cycle and crust displacement in 1966. With the focus and publicity of the topic at the time, why classify THIS one, wait so long to release it, and so-heavily sanitize the document down to 57 pages?
Cuvier’s book: https://web.archive.org/web/201603032… World’s in Collision: https://archive.org/details/B-001-014… D. Vogt (Diehold Foundation): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBe…
The World Magnetic Model - red easterly change - blue westerly change - green zero change - white star is location of a magnetic pole
The World Magnetic Model – red easterly change – blue westerly change – green zero change – white star is location of a magnetic pole
Annual rate of change of declination for 2015.0 to 2020.0 from the World Magnetic Model (WMM2015). Red –easterly change, blue – westerly change, green – zero change. Contour interval is 2’/year (1/30th of a degree), white star is location of a magnetic pole and projection is Mercator

The pole wanders in unpredictable ways that have fascinated explorers and scientists since James Clark Ross first measured it in 1831 in the Canadian Arctic. In the mid-1990s it picked up speed, from around 15 kilometers per year to around 55 kilometers per year by 2001.

A Nova produces the heat that in turn produces the Ice Age

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | SOLAR MICRONOVA
A solar micronova satisfies all the catastrophe evidence, including the cyclical nature, the disaster sweet-spot, AND impactor-like evidence.

Cosmic Blast Scale Hypernova:
Star Destroyed [10^52 ergs) Supernova: Star Destroyed [10^45 ergs]
Stellar Nova: Planets Destroyed [10^42 ergs]
Micronova: Extinction Level Event [10^39 ergs]
Super Flare: Electrical Catastrophe [10^33 ergs]
Strong Solar Flare: Electrical Storm [10^30 ergs]
Diehold Foundation https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBe…
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Star-Metal Impactors
Dr. August Dunning [CalTech, formerly NASA/JPL] discusses how his star-metal theory is evolving with the concept of a solar micronova.
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Plasma Formations
Plasma formations are the key to understanding ancient accounts of the catastrophe, to understanding what could happen in the future, and to monitoring for signs of its coming.

It seems to be a natural consequence of our points of view to assume that the whole of space is filled with electrons and flying electric ions of all kinds. We have assumed, that each stellar system in evolution throws off electric corpuscles into space. It does not seem unreasonable therefore to think, that the greater part of the material masses in the universe is found, not in the solar systems or nebulae, but in “empty space.”

That’s what the 11:11 synchronicity really points to. It’s inviting alignment of 4 key centers of consciousness: your own soul, Gaia, the Solar Logos and the galactic core. Whether we know it or not, these are all interrelated and moving together.

DNA Upgrade, consciousness and physical reality

Professors Vadim Backman, Hao Zhang, and Cheng Sun have discovered that macromolecule structures in living cells do, in fact, naturally fluoresce. This finding could open the next frontier of biological discovery.

The photons by themselves inside of the vacuum appeared in random sequences. When DNA was introduced to the vacuum, the photons took on the shape of the DNA. When the DNA was removed from the vacuum, the photons remained in the form of DNA –phanton DNA. Remember photons are being ejected from the sun and anything that they touch suggest, that they might be in communication with the object.

What Is 4-Strand DNA & Why Are Scientists So Excited?
Beyond the double helix- new research says DNA molecules may also coil into a range of call shapes called supercoils. Supercoiled DNA can be created by cryo-electron tomography together with supercomputer simulations..Most DNA has 2 strands, but many people don’t know it can also have 4. It’s called G-Quadruplex DNA (G4 DNA). In 2012 Cambridge University researchers saw G4 DNA in human cells. 12 stranded DNA
The parallel DNA G-quadruplex
13 levels DNA Consciousness
13 levels DNA Consciousness

Russian research team headed by Dr Pjotr Garjajev uncovered that the 95% junk DNA was in actual fact a highly intelligent combination of Codon sequences that spoke a ‘language’. This biological language not only explained the origins of human language, but was also a text that could be altered. That is, DNA is reprogrammable and DNA codon sequences can be inter-changed and activated. Bruce Lipton’s years of research uncovered that the DNA within the nucleus of every cell is simply a response unit to the environment. The wisdom of our ancient ancestors provide a much more detailed picture of the structure of our DNA, both physical and energetic. The Akashic light records unveil that our ancient ancestors were fully versed in the different levels of DNA – the 13 levels of consciousness of our DNA.

DNA Upgrade Magnetic Pole Shift and Consciousness

Here’s the idea. Laboratories like Princeton University’s PEAR lab, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and others have been doing experiments to look at how deeply consciousness (our minds) are connected to the fabric of physical reality. They’ve shown some interesting results that our minds can have an unexplained ordering affect on chaotic systems. The Global Consciousness Project has been showing that a few dozen such systems, called random number generators spread around the world can produce anomalies when global events happen that polarize human attention. Most famously during the attacks of 9/11.

What would you do if you could tap into that collective consciousness?
Hardware hacker Adam Michael Curry wants to do just that, by releasing a smartphone app based on scientific research that suggests human consciousness can influence physical reality.

The odds that the combined Global Consciousness Project data are due to chance is less than one in one hundred billion. The implication is that there’s some deep connection between the mind and physical reality, which we don’t yet fully understand. The All is mind; The Universe is Mental.

  • The Principle of Mentalism
  • The Principle of Correspondence
  • The Principle of Vibration
  • The Principle of Polarity
  • The Principle of Rhythm
  • The Principle of Cause & Effect
  • The Principle of Gender

When you die, don’t let anyone to judge you and wait for pure white light. How to Permanently Close the Cycle of Reincarnations – Can you stand the Truth?

Special Additions – Nikola Tesla – Radiant Energy – Make your Own

One issue is food. What a stellar or terrestrial energy to feed the hungry on Earth? With what wine watered all thirsty so that they can cheer in their heart and understand that they are Gods? Another thing is to destroy the power of evil and suffering.

Nikola Tesla

Dr. Nakamats Invention

Dr. Nakamats; the inventor of the Floppy Disk and various other inventions. Dr. Nakamats House, completed in 2005, represents the love the inventor has for the earth. The four-story concrete building is powered, Nakamats claims, by “cosmic energy,” whose source is charged particles (such as the nuclei of atoms) arriving from outer space in rays. A black “antenna” that covers most of one exterior wall collects this energy and distributes it to a converter that then produces enough electricity to power the entire facility and its roughly 30 guest rooms, which Nakamats says are used by scientific luminaries from around the world who congregate to share this Tesla’s ideas. Nakamats even boasts that his system is so prolific that he actually winds up selling excess electricity to Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO).

Dr. Nakamats - the inventor of the Floppy Disk and various other inventions. Black-Exterior-Antenna on Dr. Nakamats House
Dr. Nakamats – the inventor of the Floppy Disk and various other inventions. Black-Exterior-Antenna on Dr. Nakamats House

Nikola Tesla

I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator, as a ring around Saturn.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious men ever lived on Earth. He was a man way ahead of his time and is responsible directly or indirectly for the technology we use today. Arthur Brisbane, a newspaper editor for the New York World, once asked Tesla how he could have such light eyes and be a Slav, and Tesla said that “using his mind a great deal had made them many shades lighter.” Love, meditation, visualization and imagination are some of the keys.

Nikola Tesla – Radiant Energy

The energy transported by electromagnetic radiation. When this radiation hits an object in its path, then it may get absorbed partly or completely and transformed into some other form. For example, this is the case with the microwave radiation (near ca. 5GHz), when it is absorbed by the water in your food. Standard unit for radiant energy is Joule (j). Radiant energy is energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Radiant energy may be calculated by integrating radiant power with respect to time.

In 1901 Nikola Tesla was one the first to identify “radiant energy.” Tesla said that the source of this energy is our Sun. He concluded that the Sun emits small particles, each carrying so small of a charge, that they move with great velocity, exceeding that of light. Tesla further stated that these particles are the neutron particles. Tesla believed that these neutron particles were responsible for all radioactive reactions. Radiant matter is in tune with these neutron particles. Radiant matter is simply a re-transmitter of energy from one state to another.

US Patent 685,957 and US Patent 685,958 are the diagrams of Tesla’s first radiant energy receiver. Stick an antenna up in the air-the higher the better-and wire it to one side of a capacitor. Connect the other side of the capacitor to a good earth ground. The potential difference between air and earth will then charge the capacitor. By connecting across the capacitor some sort of switching device so that the capacitor can be discharged at periodic intervals, you will have an oscillating electric output.

Nikola Tesla - Method of utilizing Radiant energy, Patented Nov. 5 1901, No 685958
Nikola Tesla – Method of utilizing Radiant energy, Patented Nov. 5 1901, No 685958

Nikola Tesla was the first to discover this type of energy, over 100 years ago. At the time he states:

“I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. Cosmic ray investigation is a subject that is very close to me. I was the first to discover these rays and I naturally feel toward them as I would toward my own flesh and blood. I have advanced a theory of the cosmic rays and at every step of my investigations I have found it completely justified. The attractive features of the cosmic rays is their constancy. They shower down on us throughout the whole 24 hours, and if a plant is developed to use their power it will not require devices for storing energy as would be necessary with devices using wind, tide or sunlight. All of my investigations seem to point to the conclusion that they are small particles, each carrying so small a charge that we are justified in calling them neutrons. They move with great velocity, exceeding that of light. More than 25 years ago I began my efforts to harness the cosmic rays and I can now state that I have succeeded in operating a motive device by means of them. I will tell you in the most general way, the cosmic ray ionizes the air, setting free many charges ions and electrons. These charges are captured in a condenser which is made to discharge through the circuit of the motor. I have hopes of building my motor on a large scale, but circumstances have not been favorable to carrying out my plan.

Nikola Tesla

Utilization of Radiant Energy – Make Your Own

Now, let’s get started by creating the most basic version of this intention. Note that the below setup is for a small system that will generate a few volts, just enough to power a small bulb. Once you build the basic version you will have enough knowledge to “scale up” the setup by using larger specifications which will generate far greater output.


Single Core Insulated Wire
Insulated Shiny Aluminum Plate (15cm by 15cm)
1 – 220uF 25v Capacitor
4 – 1N4007 Diodes

Tesla's - Radiant Energy Sky System with Insulated Aluminium Plate, Diodes and Capacitor
Tesla’s – Radiant Energy Sky System with Insulated Aluminium Plate, Diodes and Capacitor


Let’s start with the plate. The aluminum plate, which is the most
important part of the system, should have its surface clean and highly
polished. The larger the plate is, the larger the energy generated. Plate 15cm by 15cm (6inch x 6inch) which is quiet small but is still enough for our example. The plate must be insulated; you can wrap it with some tape. It’s important to cover every part of the plate without leaving any angle of the aluminum visible – if needed, wrap it multiple times so that the plate is practically water proof. Now, connect one end of your single core insulated wire to the metal plate, be sure that the wire is touching the metal plate. At this stage, you need to install the plate as high as possible. If you have access to a roof you can put it in their, and if possible, you can also increase the height further by putting the plate on a long wood stick or bamboo. The height is a crucial factor because the output will increase for every meter that the metal plate is elevated. It’s important that you put the plate on a non conducting material such as wood or plastic – don’t use a metal pole to increase the height of the plate.


The system must be properly grounded for it to work properly. To do this you can simply connect another wire to the “earth” of your house. Alternatively you can use a few feet of copper or aluminum tube earthed in the backyard which will do the job just as fine.

Grounding - Typical Copper Earth of a Household
Grounding – Typical Copper Earth of a Household


We are using the 4 diodes as a full wave rectifier to charge the capacitor more efficiently. You will discover that getting electricity from air is no rocket science and anyone can do it. Once you are familiar with the system, check the official patents of Nikola Tesla.

Simple Power Setup

First, keep in mind; batteries always work better in a warm temperature.

  1. Nikola Tesla Radient Energy System
  2. Charge Controller
  3. Battery
  4. Inverter
  5. Household
Tesla's Radiant Energy Sky System - Simple Power Setup
Tesla’s Radiant Energy Sky System – Simple Power Setup

Grid-Intertied Power Source System

This system can also be called on-grid-tied. You can actually make the electric meter tick backwards, by producing more power than you use each day. (as Dr. Nakamats)

  1. Nikola Tesla Radient Energy System
  2. Array DC Disconnect
  3. Inverter
  4. AC Breaker panel
  5. Household
  6. Kilowatt per hour meter
  7. Grid
Tesla's Radiant Energy Sky System - On Grid Setup
Tesla’s Radiant Energy Sky System – On Grid Setup

Off-Grid Power Source System

This system requires a generator to keep the battery charged in case of down time and maintenance to the power system. This system is pictured below.

  1. Nikola Tesla Radient Energy System
  2. Array DC disconnect
  3. Charge Controller
  4. Deep cycle battery
  5. System meter
  6. Main DC disconnect
  7. Inverter
  8. Generator
  9. AC Breaker panel
  10. Household
Tesla’s Radiant Energy Sky System – Off Grid Setup
Tesla’s Radiant Energy Sky System – Off Grid Setup

System Units

  • Array DC Disconnect – Using a DC disconnect makes shutting off the power much easier.
  • Charge Controller – A charge controller will drastically increase the life of your battery.
  • 4v to 12 v Deep Cycle Battery
  • System Meter – monitor how full your battery bank is
  • Main DC Disconnect – This unit is placed between the battery bank and the inverter. A main DC disconnect will allow you to disconnect the inverter for maintenance.
  • Inverter – turns the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC)
  • Generator – A generator is used to produce electricity for times of cloudy weather or for when you are performing maintenance.
  • AC breaker panel – The point where all of the homes electrical wiring meets with the provider of the electricity.
  • Grid – The grid is the main power supply coming to your house.
  • Household Load – This includes anything that you plug into the wall.
  • Multi Meter – measure the input amps and voltages of the batteries.
  • Soldering Iron – You will use the soldering iron for soldering the circuit.

The Earth’s Electrostatic Charge

Tesla’s intent was to condense the energy trapped between the earth and its upper atmosphere and to transform it into an electric current. Tesla pictured the sun as an immense ball of electricity, positively charged with a potential of some 200 billion volts. The earth, on the other hand, is charged with negative electricity.

The positive particles are stopped at the ionosphere and between it and the negative charges in the ground, a distance of 60 miles, there is a large difference of voltage – something on the order of 360,000 volts. With the gases of the atmosphere acting as an insulator between these two opposite stores of electrical charges, the region between the ground and the edge of space traps a great deal of energy.

It has been calculated that the earth’s ambient state contains 1.6 x 1011 joules or 4.5 megawatt-hours of electrical energy. In order to utilize this high-voltage energy you must do two things – make an energy sink and then devise a way of making the “sink” oscillate.

Energy Sink

Such a “sink” has to be at a lower energy state than the surrounding medium and, for the energy to continually flow into it, the energy must
be continually pumped out of it. Additionally, this “sink” must maintain
a lower energy state while meeting the power requirements of the load attached to it. Electrical energy-watt-seconds-is a product of volts x amps x seconds. Because the period of oscillation does not change, either voltage or current has to be the variable in this system’s energy equation. Bifilar wound coils are used in the system because a bifilar wound coil maximizes the voltage difference between its turns, the current is then minimized.

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

Tesla construction a huge Magnifying Transmitter at Shoreham, Long Island, a site which he named Wardenclyffe. Following his return to New York City from Colorado Springs in 1899, Tesla was jubilant and full of enthusiasm to implement his plan for the commercial application of Radiant energy.

The Tesla Magnifying Transmitter is a converter which converts electromagnetic energy into what is called magneto-dielectric energy. Magneto-dielectric energy link to Orgone Energy. If you take a low pressure gas (in a bulb) and place it in two superimposed dielectric fields then you get spiral formations such as Reich wrote about in his book Cosmic Superimposition. These formations appear as spheres, galaxies and other cosmic forms.

Mankind is not ready for the great and good. In Colorado Springs I soaked the earth by electricity. Also, we can water the other energies, such as positive mental energy. They are in the music of Bach or Mozart, or in the verses of great poets. In the Earth’s interior, there is energy of Joy, Peace, and Love. Their expressions are a flower that grows from the Earth, the food we get out of her and everything that makes man’s homeland. I’ve spent years looking for the way that this energy could influence people. The beauty and the scent of roses can be used as a medicine and the sun rays as a food.
Life has an infinite number of forms, and the duty of scientists is to find them in every form of matter. Three things are essential in this. All that I do is a search for them. I know I will not find them, but I will not give up on them.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla – Coil For Electromagnets

US Patent 512,340 Figure 1 is a standard pancake coil. Figure 2 is a bifilar coil, the crux of the patent is where Tesla winds a dual wire and then connect the ends in a series. Tesla explains that a standard coil of 1000 turns with a potential of 100 volts across it will have a difference of .1 volt between turns. A similar bifilar coil will have a potential of 50 volts between turns. In that the stored energy is a function of the square of the voltages, the energy in the bifilar will be 502/.12 = 2500/.01 = 250,000 times greater than the standard coil!

Nikola Tesla – Electrical Transformer

Do you want more? Please US Patent 593,138 and all Tesla’s patents

Tesla's Electrical Transformer
Tesla’s Electrical Transformer

The Moray Radiant Energy Device

In the early 1900’s, Dr. T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City produced his first device to tap energy from the metafrequency oscillations of empty space itself. Eventually Moray was able to produce a free energy device weighing sixty pounds and producing 50,000 watts of electricity for several hours. Ironically, Moray was unable to obtain funding to develop the device further into a use-able power station that would furnish electrical power on a mass scale. As a boy, Moray had been deeply inspired by the greatest electrical genius of all time, Nikola Tesla. Moray in his book, The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats, Moray presents documented evidence that he invented the first transistor-type valve in 1925, far ahead of the of officially recognized discovery of the transistor. His patent application (for which a patent has never been granted) was filed on July 13, 1931, long before the advent of the Bell Laboratories’ transistor.

In all tests, Moray was successful in demonstrating that the device could produce energy output without any appreciable energy input. But in the face of all of this, the U.S. Patent Office refused to grant Moray a patent.

WiFi is Making Us All Sick. We Must Ban It

A recent paper[1]  “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health” (March 2018) aggregating more than 20 studies found that repeated WiFi exposure could put you at physical and mental risk. These risks include: 

  • Cellular Death known as Apoptosis
  • Oxidative Stress which causes Chronic Disease like Cancer
  • Testes and Sperm Dysfunction
  • Neuropsychiatric and Psychological Issues
  • Negative Impacts to Cellular DNA
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Diabetes
  • Rise in Inflammatory Calcium and more

WiFi Radiation is many more times stronger than cellphones. We now have plenty of scientific evidence showing that we have adverse biological and health effects at levels well below the thermal guidelines. [1]

There is only so much of this radiation that people can tolerate before they become sick, and people are becoming sick.  The illness is called electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and is virtually identical to microwave sickness experienced by radar operators during the second world war.”

International Safety Guidelines are based on only Thermal (Heating) Effects - But many Non-Thermal Effects occur at Levels Orders of Magnitude lower than those allowed by these Guidelines
International Safety Guidelines are based on only Thermal (Heating) Effects – But many Non-Thermal Effects occur at Levels Orders of Magnitude lower than those allowed by these Guidelines

French National Library Banned WiFi

The French National Library, Paris, the nation’s biggest library whose four buildings are used by one million+ yearly, in 2008 rejected a proposal to install Wi-Fi throughout the library.

Scientific literature, said a library press release, “proves genotoxic effects from Wi-Fi.” Human cells exposed to 2, 45 GHz, the frequency of Wi-Fi, undergo “genetic alterations,” it said.

Several other libraries in Paris, responding to staff requests, also removed Wi-Fi terminals.[3]

WiFi and Diabetes

Diabetes is being understood as an immune based illness. Since WiFi effects the immune system, recent research showing a link between diabetes and wireless radiation makes sense.  From 1995 to 2010, there was at least a 100% increase in the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes cases in 18 states. [5][6]

World Health Organization WiFi Cancer
World Health Organization – WIFI radiation is a possible cancer causing agent. (2011)

Cell Phones are banned in schools, colleges and even on playgrounds.

Mobile phones will be banned in schools and colleges (middle schools in France) including playgrounds announced the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer according to a news article published in Le Monde. The measure was confirmed by the Minister of Education. 

French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) 2016 Report “Radiofrequency Exposure and the Health of Children” recommends regulatory changes to ensure “sufficiently large safety margins” to protect the health of young children stating:

“ALL wireless devices, including tablets, cordless phones, remote controlled toys, wireless toys, baby monitors and surveillance bracelets, should be subjected to the same regulatory obligations as cell phones.”

In 2017, the Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health And Protection Advisory Council issued first ever Recommendations for Wired Internet In Schools and Minimizing RF Classrooms:

  • The Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council (CEHPAC) issued a Report advising the Department of Education to recommend local school districts reduce classroom wireless radiation exposures by providing wired—rather than wireless—internet connections.
  • While these recommendations also include halfway measures, they are the first body of a US state to recommend reducing exposures. We think they need to go further to clearly recommend only wired ethernet connections and the full removal of Wi-Fi from the school property.

Wildlife Studies: Phones & Vanishing Birds

Navigation skills of the birds and earth’s magnetic system are correlated. Natural electromagnetic radiation EMR and the earth-oriented magnetic vibration are directly proportional, whereas technology -induced EMR is inversely proportional

Sainudeen Pattazky, an environment scientist and associate professor at S N College, Kollam, told IOI

Sparrows Have Disappeared

  • The sparrows have disappeared completely from the cities at least four years ago in Britain, as mobile phones grew in popularity. Third generation (3G) mobile phones were introduced in 2003, and there were over 65 million users in the UK by the end of 2005, more phones than people (ISIS 2007)
  • Scientists at the Research Institute for Nature and Forests in Brussels, Belgium, have produced the first evidence that mobile phone base stations are affecting the reproductive behaviour of wild sparrows. This finding comes as mobile phones are held suspect in the massive collapse of bee colonies all over the United States and Europe. Fewer house sparrow males were seen at locations within relatively high electric field strengths of GSM base stations (ISIS 2007)

White Stork, Young Birds Died

  • Alfonso Balmori, a conservation biologist in Valladolid, Spain, reported a significantly lower number of white stork (Ciconia ciconia) fledglings in nests close to mobile phone transmitters compared to nests further away. (ISIS 2007)
  • Balmori also found difference in how the birds behaved close to the phone antennae. Young birds died, and bird couples frequently fought while constructing their nests. Sticks fell to the ground, and the couple failed to make any headway. Some nests were never completed and the storks remained passively in front of the antennae. (ISIS 2007)

Millions birds died

  • The observations in urban sparrows and the white stork population suggest that microwave radiation interferes with reproductive and more.
  • Several million birds of 230 species die each year from collisions with telecommunications masts in the United States during migration. Accidents happen mainly in the night, in fog, or bad weather, when birds might be using the earth’s magnetic field for navigation and could be seriously disoriented by the microwave radiation from telecommunication masts. (ISIS 2007)
  • Finally, chicken embryos exposed to microwave radiation from cell phones have shown both deformity and mortality.

zdroj: According to a report published on May 29th, 2007, entitled “Phone & Vanishing Birds”

DNA Damage after Exposure to Radiofrequency

“We found that cells inside the brain, after exposure to radiofrequency radiation, had DNA damage. These are so-called strand breaks. The DNA basically break up into pieces. In my experiment, I only expose animals for a short time. Then the question is, what happens if you’re exposed to radiation, for example, from cell towers? ” – Dr. Henry Lai, Ph.D.

Dr. Henry Lai, Ph.D. Bioelectromagnetics Expert: first to find DNA breaks! Dr. Henry Lai heads the Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory at the Universe of Washington in Seattle. Lai and colleague Narendra Singh conducted research that found DNA breaks in the brain cells of rats exposed to radio frequency radiation (Sun-Sentinel/Kathy Sauber / September 30, 2005 – PubMed )

Brain Penetration

Another study has used the finite-difference time-domain method and a new millimeter-resolution anatomically based model of the human to study electromagnetic energy coupled to the head due to mobile telephones at 835 and 1900 MHz. Assuming reduced dimensions characteristic of today’s mobile telephones, the authors have obtained SAR distributions for two different lengths of monopole antennas of lengths λ/4 and 3λ/8 for a model of the adult male and reduced-scale models of 10- and 5-year-old children and find that peak one-voxel and 1-g SARs are larger for the smaller models of children, particularly at 835 MHz. Also, a larger in-depth penetration of absorbed energy for these smaller models is obtained. The authors have also studied the effect of using the widely disparate tissue properties reported in the literature and of using homogeneous instead of the anatomically realistic heterogeneous models on the SAR distributions. Homogeneous models are shown to grossly overestimate both the peak 1-voxel and 1-g SARs. Last, the authors show that it is possible to use truncated one-half or one-third models of the human head with negligible errors in the calculated SAR distributions. This simplification will allow considerable savings in computer memory and computation times30,2005 )

Brain Penetration - Penetration of Cell Phone Radiation into the Human Skull
Brain Penetration – Penetration of Cell Phone Radiation into the Human Skull – Tests Conducted by researchers Ghandi, Lazzi, and Furse (1996)

Cell Tower Health Effects

Federal regulations protect the public only from the thermal (i.e., heating) risk due to short-term exposure to high intensity, cell tower radiation. The Federal regulations ignore the hundreds of studies that find harmful bio-effects from long-term exposure to non-thermal levels of cell phone radiation. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 does not allow communities to stop the siting of cell towers for health reasons. Nevertheless, landlords may be liable for any harm caused by cell phone radiation emitted by towers situated on their property. Localities need to organize and change the Federal law to protect public health and wildlife from exposure to microwave radiation emitted by mobile phone base stations.

As of March 10, 2019, www.antennasearch.com, an industry website, reports 712,000 cell towers and 1.98 million cell antennas in the U.S. We cannot verify the accuracy of these data because the FCC only collects data on certain types of cell towers.

Following are some resources regarding the health effects of exposure to cell tower radiation. I will occasionally update this page.

The EMF Call - Scientists and NGOs call for truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz)
The EMF Call – Scientists and NGOs call for truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz)


Prof. Olle Johansoon

Olle Johansson, associate professor at the Karolinska Institute (retired Nov 2017, still active), Department of Neuroscience, and head of The Experimental Dermatology Unit, has a long background in the neurosciences and has coauthored – together with his supervisor professor Tomas Hökfelt and many others, including Nobel Laureates – up to the presentation of his doctoral thesis 143 original papers, reviews, book chapters and conference abstracts, a publication record hard to beat! His doctoral thesis at the Karolinska Institute was entitled ”Peptide Neurons in the Central and Peripheral Nervous System. Light and Electron Microscopic Studies”.

Olle Johansson has participated in more than 300 congresses, symposia and meetings as an invited speaker, and with free contributions and as an invited ’observer’ at an additional 200. His studies have been widely recognized in the public media, including newspapers, radio and TV as well as on the Internet, both nationally as well as internationally, and he is a regular interview guest in magazines, journals, tabloids and newspapers, as well as in radio shows, TV programmes and in the Internet-based news blogs and websites.

Olle Johansson is a world-leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects. Among many achievements he coined the term ”screen dermatitis” which later on was developed into the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity which recognition mainly is due to his work. He has also been a guest professor as well as adjunct professor in basic and clinical neuroscience at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi – „Irreversible sterility within five generations“

His research group continues to investigate adverse health effects of modern, man-made, artificial electromagnetic fields as well as the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity. The very early introduction of the clinical term “screen dermatitis” was done to explain the cutaneous damages that developed in the late 1970s when office workers, first mostly women, began to be placed in front of computer monitors. Olle Johansson then called for action along lines of occupational medicine, biophysics and biochemistry, as well as neuroscience and experimental dermatology. The working hypothesis early became that persons with the impairment electrohypersensitivity react in a cellularly correct way to the electromagnetic radiation, maybe in concert with chemical emissions such as plastic components, flame retardants, etc., in a highly specific way and with a completely correct avoidance reaction — just as you would do if you had been exposed to e.g. sun rays, X-rays, radioactivity or chemical odors.

Nowadays, electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is in Sweden an officially fully recognized functional impairment (i.e., it is not regarded as a disease). Survey studies show that somewhere between 230,000-290,000 Swedish men and women—out of a population of 10,000,000—report a variety of symtoms when being in contact with electromagnetic field sources. To this, one should also add all the current issues regarding the bigger picture: the health effects of electromagnetic fields on the general population, including memory, concentration and learning difficulties, neurological damage and cancer, immune system impairments, fertility issues, as well as impacts on other animals, plants and bacteria.

Olle Johansson and his collaborators have, in addition, worked in great depth in areas such as skin diseases, cancer, child delivery, female urine incontinence, oral mucosa diseases, brain and spinal cord morphology, synaptology and chemical transmission, peripheral nervous system-related issues, cardiac function, skeletal muscle function and disease, and connective tissue ripening phenomena.

He has published more than 600 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the fields of basic and applied neuroscience, dermatoscience, epidemiology, and biophysiology. He has received a number of awards, including the Nokia Consumer Electronics Award, The Grand Environment Award of the Cancer and Allergy Foundation, the SIF Award, Tandvårdsskadeförbundets Pris, and many more.

Olle Johansson is – or has been – a member of, i.a., The European Neuroscience Association (ENA), The European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR), IBAS Users of Scandinavia (IBUS), The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), The International Society for Stereology (ISS), The New York Academy of Sciences, The Royal Microscopical Society (RMS), Scandinavian Society for Electron Microscopy (SCANDEM), The Skin Pharmacology Society (SPS), Society for Neuroscience, Svenska Fysiologföreningen, Svenska Intressegruppen för Grafisk Databehandling (SIGRAD), Svenska Läkaresällskapet, and the Svenska Sällskapet för Automatiserad Bildanalys (SSAB).

Dangers of Smart Meters

Prof. Olle Johansson - Letter to California Public Utilities Commission Warning of the Dangers Of Smart Meters
Prof. Olle Johansson – Letter to California Public Utilities Commission Warning of the Dangers Of Smart Meters

Some of Research papers and scientific articles

Wang L, Hilliges M, Jernberg T, Wiegleb-Edstrom D, Johansson O, ”Protein gene product 9.5-immunoreactive nerve fibres and cells in human skin”, Cell Tissue Res 1990; 261: 25-33

Johansson O, Hilliges M, Bjornhagen V, Hall K, ”Skin changes in patients claiming to suffer from ”screen dermatitis”: a two-case open-field provocation study”, Exp Dermatol 1994; 3: 234-238

Johansson O, Virtanen M, Hilliges M, ”Histaminergic nerves demonstrated in the skin. A new direct mode of neurogenic inflammation?”, Exp Dermatol 1995; 4: 93-96